Here’s Why Fans Think Interviewers Should Stop Asking BTS Who They Want to Collaborate With

BTS started getting international recognition in 2017, and since then, the group has interviewed with numerous American news outlets. Fans who have seen many of these interviews will notice some common questions BTS often gets asked by interviewers. One of which is the question of whom they would like to collaborate with.

However, fans now think it is time for BTS to stop getting asked this during interviews. And there is a good reason for it.

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BTS has named a number of artists they would like to collaborate with

In the past few years, BTS has shared with interviewers a number of popular artists they would like to collaborate with. Some examples include Post Malone, Drake, Billie Eilish, Troye Sivan, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendes.

This seems to be a question that interviewers like to ask K-pop artists who do promotions in the United States. After all, collaborations are quite common in the American music industry, and many K-pop idols seem to have American artists they would like to work with.

BTS has worked with several artists

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BTS’s list of collaborations is quite long. For example, in 2017, BTS partnered with rapper Desiigner and DJ Steve Aoki on their song “Mic Drop.” The next year, BTS worked with Nicki Minaj to release an alternate version of the single “Idol.”

BTS collaborated with quite a number of people in 2019. They worked with Halsey on “Boy With Luv,” Charlie XCX on “Dream Glow,” Zara Larsson on “A Brand New Day,” Juice Wind on “All Night,” and Lauv on “Make It Right.”

In 2020, BTS collaborated with Sia on a version of their hit “On.” Recently, they also worked with Jason Derulo on a remix of his viral song “Savage Love.”

Why fans think it’s time interviewers stop asking BTS about their dream collaborations

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BTS has been asked to name their dream collaborations numerous times already, and fans think it is time for this question to be dropped from interviews. The reason is not just that BTS has done many collaborations already. Rather, fans believe BTS do not benefit from collaborations with other artists anymore. Instead, it seems to be the other way around now.

Writer Bryan Rolli on Forbes noted this in a recent article title, “BTS Used To Benefit From Western Pop Stars Featuring On Their Songs. Now The Tables Have Turned.” Rolli pointed out that stars like Steve Aoki, Nicki Minaj, and Halsey once helped BTS to climb up the charts. However, their collaboration with Jason Derulo on “Savage Love” actually helped push the song from number 8 to number 1 and increase its sales by 814%.

Rolli ended the article by saying, “Don’t be surprised if BTS now gets flooded with requests from other Western pop artists to show their songs some love—savage or otherwise.”

On Reddit, one fan also said, “Maybe they’ll stop asking the group who they want to collaborate with during interviews.”

Meanwhile, another fan wrote, “Now, watch western labels begging BTS to collaborate with their darlings to push their songs to #1.”

BTS’s rise to top has no doubt been a source of joy for fans, who have played an instrumental role in the group’s success. With BTS’s latest chart gains, it seems they are gaining new listeners every day, and there might be a lot more exciting things to come for BTS in the future.