Here’s Why Kerry Washington Rocked Pajamas on ‘GMA,’ and Where You Can Get a Pair Like Hers

Megastar Kerry Washington appeared on Good Morning America to promote her latest project, The Fight, and the GMA hosts couldn’t help but notice that their show guest was wearing pajamas. It turns out that Washington had an excellent explanation for her unique on-camera getup.

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington | NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Before her ‘Good Morning America’ interview, Kerry Washington experienced an earthquake

An earthquake hit Southern California on the morning of July 30, as noted by Robin Roberts during her Good Morning America interview with Washington. CNN reported that the quake measured 4.2 on the Richter scale. That was powerful enough to shake some folks, including Washington, awake. Here’s what the star told GMA about how her morning began.

“I set an alarm to get up, and then I set a backup alarm because I was worried that I might not get up at 4:30. And that’s when the earthquake came in. And I was like, I don’t remember choosing beds shaking as my backup alarm,” Washington quipped. “It was terrifying, but everybody else in my house slept through it.”

Washington wore pajamas on ‘Good Morning America,’ and had a great reason for doing it

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For her interview on GMA, Washington sported a pair of eye-catching black and white panther-print silk pajamas. When asked about her choice of garb, she offered a very relatable explanation.

Washington connected with the New York-based morning show from California, which is three hours behind. So, it was relatively early for an interview. With that in mind, she took an Instagram poll before her spotlight on GMA, asking fans for their opinions on her wardrobe, and here’s how it all went down.

“It’s 5 a.m. here, so I’m in jammies,” Washington told Roberts, “I posted on Instagram a poll on whether or not I should wear pajamas. I believe in democracy. The votes came in 90% that I should wear pajamas. Only 10% that I should not. And I think that 10% was mostly my mom voting again and again and again,” Washington remarked with a grin.

Later, Washington shared an image of herself on Instagram, dressed in the now-famous PJs. In the caption, she wrote, “PaGMA Party. Woke up at 4 a.m. to chat (and have a mini shoot in my Olivia Von Halle jammies) with Dale Ho and Good Morning America about The Fight!!! OUT TOMORROW! Sooooo excited!”

Here’s where fashionistas can score a pair of those snazzy pajamas

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Comfy, cute, and beautiful were just some of the words that peppered the comments on Washington’s Instagram post. Fashion mavens who want to sport jammies like hers can check out styles from Olivia Von Halle. What’s more, the designer offers kimonos, eye masks, and more for a swanky night’s rest.

When can fans see Washington’s latest project?

Washington put on her producer’s hat for The Fight, a documentary film that follows lawyers of the American Civil Liberties Union. The Fight drops on various streaming platforms on July 31.