Here’s Why ‘Titans’ Fans Absolutely Hate the Season 2 Finale

Titans hasn’t exactly been the hit that fans were hoping for. It initially created a lot of buzz around the internet as well as a lot of high hopes. The show hasn’t exactly lived up to that yet. 

From questionable costume choices to poor character development, the internet has been flooded with disappointed fans who aren’t pleased with the way things ended in the season 2 finale

Here’s why both fans and critics found this season to be overrated, according to Entertainment Weekly. Warning, there are spoilers ahead.

Too many subplots

The cast of DC Universe's 'Titans'
The cast of DC Universe’s ‘Titans’ | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for DC UNIVERSE

Deathstroke is causing trouble, Mercy Graves is holding a slave auction to sell Superboy, and Donna Troy is randomly killed. Oh, did we mention that Beast Boy goes on a murderous rampage and Bruce Wayne shows up?

That’s a lot for one episode, and a lot of the fights that fans expected to see resolved in an epic way were summed up in five minutes or less with no build up. For example, Graves is knocked out with one punch. 

That’s it. One punch. After all that she’s put Beast Boy and Superboy through, she takes one hit to the face and is seemingly vanquished. For a show that doesn’t hold back on the violence, one has to wonder why Mercy didn’t get more.

Character development

The character development for season 2 fell a little flat. This has a lot to do with the multiple subplots that were tied up at the very last minute. In fact, that seems to be the root of most of the problems with the Titans season 2 finale. 

One thing that many people felt was shocking and unrealistic was how Mercy Graves forced Gar, AKA Beast Boy, to go on a murderous rampage. Yet, he speaks to Dick for about five minutes and seems perfectly fine. 

Gar not only murdered civilians, but he ate them too. Most fans felt that he should have felt something and would probably need to take some time to work through what he did. That never happened, however. It was barely even addressed.

The writers brushed over it as if it didn’t even bother him. This may be something that they play up more in Season 3, but for the moment, fans are left feeling disgusted that Gar moved on so quickly.

Hawk was also a disappointment for many fans. He seemed to fly in and out of scenes without contributing much of anything except needless drama with Dove. Their on again, off again relationship is beginning to irk viewers, and according to CBR, the Titans would benefit more if Hawk didn’t play such a heavy role in the show. Or if he really must stay, he shouldn’t be in a relationship with Dove.

Donna Troy was killed

According to Screen Rant, Donna Troy, who has been one of the most productive members of the team, was killed off at the very last moment. There seems to be no reason other than the show’s producers apparently thinking they needed a sacrifice to make things more emotional.

Perhaps this is part of the Walking Dead phenomenon that has played up on randomly killing off popular characters for several seasons now, especially during a season finale. 

If that’s what they were going for, however, DC definitely missed the mark on this one. Donna’s death was random, unrealistic, and unnecessary. The fact that she was killed with a lightning bolt that she should have been able to survive puzzled fans more than anything. 

Her death was immediately followed up by the mandatory funeral scene. Like Gar’s lack of emotional response, the funeral seemed to fall flat and felt rushed. None of the characters seemed overwhelmed by the loss as Rachel believes she can bring Donna back. Which begs the question of why she was killed in the first place if she’s simply going to be brought back in Season 3. 

Many fans on Reddit seemed to think that this was simply a ploy to gain ratings. And they might be right.


The one redeeming factor about the season finale was Dick Grayson finally leaving Robin behind. That’s right, he has officially dropped the persona that has haunted him for so long and has embraced becoming Nightwing.

While many fans love the costume design for most of the characters, with the exception of Starfire and Raven, Nightwing’s costume has drawn a lot of attention.

According to Den of Geek, a lot of thought went into this costume, and with good reason. Dick Grayson is shedding the identity that Bruce Wayne carefully sculpted over the years, and he’s now developed his own persona. Therefore it makes sense that his new costume be more mature while showing more of Dick’s own personality as he evolves from sidekick to mentor.