HGTV Fans Aren’t Loving ’40 Year Old Property Virgin’

HGTV has made a name for itself by creating an endless variety of shows that make home buying and decorating fascinating to viewers. One of the network’s recent creations is 40 Year Old Property Virgin (the name might remind you of the very popular movie).

The new series has all the elements it needs to make it a hit. It has the tried-and-true drama of house hunting, along with a new element that targets a growing demographic. But despite all that, fans don’t seem to be very impressed. And they’ve got a few things to say about it. 

What is ’40 Year Old Property Virgin’ about?

According to NY Post, the reality show follows first-time homebuyers who are coming into the market a little later in life. Despite being adults, they’ve been living with their parents, and now they’re finally ready to buy their own home.

Living in your parents’ house used to be looked down on, but it’s become much more common in today’s market. In many places, houses are so expensive that it’s very difficult for first-time homebuyers to afford one. In fact, last year 52% of young adults lived with their parents. 

“Everyone I know that bought a house either got it with their wedding money or lived with their parents,” said Manda Miller, who was featured in the first episode. 

The series premiered on discovery+ on May 26, 2021. But although there are many potential viewers who can relate to the show, not everyone thinks they’ve done a great job of capturing the experience.

Some viewers think it’s ‘just dumb’

HGTV fans took to Reddit to vent about what they think is wrong with the show, and they had plenty to say. The original poster explained that they weren’t really “into it,” and suggested that it could be because of the couple featured in the episode they watched. 

“The editing also feels different,” another said. “the text and camera angles feel much more like a Netflix documentary or something, rather than an HGTV show.”

“I watched the first two episodes and I didn’t enjoy them. I guess they felt like they didn’t need a host anymore but they do,” said a commenter.

For some people, the problem was that it didn’t seem genuine, something HGTV has had a problem with in the past.

“I think it’s totally over acted in every episode,” one said. “Just dumb really.”

“I can’t stand it, seems overly scripted,” another agreed. One comment suggested that the show missed the mark with the people it’s trying to connect with. “It’s making light of the housing crisis where many of us can’t afford to live anywhere but home in certain parts of the country. I’m not a fan at all.”  

Is it a success?

HGTV logo at an event in California
HGTV logo | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery

It seems that the Reddit commenters aren’t the only ones who are unimpressed by 40 Year Old Property Virgin. According to Show Buzz Daily, toward the end of the first season, the show’s ratings have been slipping. The series was lagging behind HGTV staples such as Property Brothers and House Hunters International.

At this point, the future of the series is unclear. There’s been no announcement about a second season, leading people to wonder if it will be returning at all. Although HGTV has a long history of success, not everything they do is a blockbuster. 40 Year Old Property Virgin doesn’t look very promising right now, but only time will tell if it will find its place among the winners.  

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