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Fans love the fabulous hair makeover HGTV star Jenn Todryk debuted on Instagram, which features fun curtain bangs. Read on to discover how the “Rambling Redhead” turned her successful blog into a television show, see her fan-loved hairstyle, and find out which of her biggest supporters had their breath taken by her reveal.

Jenn Todryk, host of 'No Demo Reno' on HGTV, got a hair makeover fans love.
Jenn Todryk | Shannon Faulk/HGTV

How Jenn Todryk turned blogging into fame

Todryk told DFW child that she started the Rambling Redhead blog that kickstarted her career when she was in a “funk” after having her second child. “I had just had Berkley, and the transition to two kids was so tough for me — way tougher than three. I had no identity,” she explained. 

Todryk had a post go viral in her fifth week of blogging and admitted she tried to restart her computer to see if it was a glitch. “I will say I’ve been very fortunate in how fast that I have grown on my platforms,” she shared.

When asked why she thinks her content resonates, she said, “I’m weird. I do little skits and stuff. Most people, when they make a profile in their home decor or fashion, or whatever, you stay in your lane. That’s what you do.”

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do,” she concluded, “and that’s why my blog was called Life as a Rambling Redhead.” Though she thought it would be a space for home decorating tips, people liked the funny posts she wrote about being a mom.

Once she experienced some success, a production company reached out on Instagram. And eventually, she landed on HGTV with No Demo Reno.


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Jenn Todryk shared her hair makeover with fans on Instagram

The reluctant HGTV star hopped on Instagram to show off her new cut and see what fans thought in July 2022. “How do we feel about the curtain bangs?” Todryk asked in the post‘s caption. “Last haircut was March 31, 2021… it was time.”

She said the curtain bangs made her feel like her hair was “oh so short” but she added, “I feel like it definitely looks way better!”

Todryk concluded by telling followers not to hold their breath waiting for her next hairdo reveal. “Okay, next hair reel will be coming atcha late 2023,” she offered, “get ready!”

Fans flooded the replies to the post, telling her how much they loved her new look. “Love your hair,” one commented, “looks so good!”

“Your hair is amazing,” another succinctly summarized, while someone else said she looked “like a million bucks.”

But one adoring comment, in particular, stood out. Her husband, Mike Todryk, remarked, “You take my breath away.” So sweet!

Jenn Todryk’s hair hack will give you an easy makeover perfect for ‘seduction purposes’

Fans of Todryk and No Demo Reno are well aware of her long, red hair. And she once shared a practical hack on Instagram for getting an effortless, long-lasting style that she kindly shared also worked perfectly for “seduction purposes.”

After seeing the technique on social media, Todryk took the belt from her bathrobe and rolled her wet hair around it in two parts, like pigtails. After leaving it in for the night, she reported flowing curls that lasted for days without using appliances.