HGTV ‘Hawaii Life’: Your Dream Life Awaits You

If you’ve ever dreamed of relocating to Hawaii, HGTV’s Hawaii Life is the show for you. You could be one step closer to feeling the ocean breeze in your hair and the warm water on your toes. If you’re not in the market for a new home in Hawaii, you can still live vicariously through the homebuyers featured on the show.

Co-host Kahea Zietz, Broker in Charge for Hawaii Life Vacations, chatted with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about the show’s next season. Here’s what she had to say.

CS: What is HGTV’s Hawaii Life about?

HGTV | Jason Davis/Getty Images for HGTV
HGTV | Jason Davis/Getty Images for HGTV

Kahea Zietz: The show features clients of Hawaii Life in their homebuying process. Each episode features different clients on different islands and tells the story about their home search and how they come to choose the home they finally purchase. There are often island-activities woven into the storylines, too. If the clients are avid surfers for divers, for example, there may be a segment on that, which always makes for great television.

CS: What have you enjoyed most about working on the show?

KZ: As a co-host of the show, we usually shoot in public, open spaces, so that’s always interesting. Sometimes it’s almost like we’re performing live since people will often stop and watch our interviews. The crew is really great, and they’re really involved in making the show great and in casting Hawaii in the best possible light.

CS: What can viewers expect next season? When does the new season begin?

KZ: We wrapped a full season of shooting just recently, so we can probably expect that to get through post-production soon and the show to be ready for the fall/winter season, when most of the audience is starting to fantasize about warm weather! There are some new faces in the brokers who are on the show, and as always, some new locations. It should be fun.

CS: Anything to add?

KZ: Hawaii Life provides property management and guest services to service a two-sided marketplace to service homeowners and visitors. Hawaii Life works closely with local government and resources to ensure legal compliance and enhanced guest experiences.

You can read part one of our chat with Kahea Zietz here.

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