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Not everyone appreciates the HGTV show No Demo Reno, but host Jenn Todryk has plenty of loyal fans who love to watch. And they came to her defense when online haters aimed their negativity at Todryk and the program.

How did Todryk’s following help her end up with a show in the first place? Plus, what complaints did some viewers share, and how did her fans respond? Read on to find out.

Jenn Todryk, shown posing with a hammer for 'No Demo Reno,' received support from fans when haters took aim at her show.
Jenn Todryk | HGTV

Jenn Todryk’s fans helped her get ‘No Demo Reno’

Todryk was already a famous writer before she took on the show. She started blogging after having her second child and went viral in her fifth week (per DFW Child). After collecting a massive Instagram following, HGTV eventually called her with an offer for No Demo Reno.

To summarize, she recalled them saying, “We’ve seen your Instagram. We’ve seen you in your stories. We would love to make a show around you. We’ll find the homes. We find the clients. You literally show up. You’re just doing the renovation and we’re going to help you along the way.”

“It was from the very beginning quick, easy, painless,” Todryk shared. “I just felt like God made it too easy. He was like, ‘Here, dummy. I’m trying to get your attention.’ It was a sign, and I did it, and it’s been great. 

So, many fans watch because they love the funny mom of three! But her remodeling approach stands out to HGTV viewers because she focuses on giving clients majorly stunning renovations while avoiding significant demolition projects where possible, helping keep costs down.

Some people are not fans of Jenn Todryk’s use of white, backward books on ‘No Demo Reno’

A post on HGTV’s Reddit pointed out a few things one user doesn’t like about No Demo Reno, including Todryk’s frequent use of the color white. They also mentioned her habit of placing books backward on bookshelves, which has a simple but legal purpose.

“Couldn’t get beyond the name of the show,” someone else replied, adding, “[The] first thing they do is demo!”

Complaints about Todryk and No Demo Reno varied, but many suggested the show was too bland, and some said it was like many other HGTV shows. One netizen correctly summarized, “I knew I would find some fellow haters here on Reddit.”

Why do fans love ‘No Demo Reno’?


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Todryk told DFW Child, “I believe if you are you and you do you, you’ll find your people, and those are the best people to have because they’ll show up for you.”

Her fans proved her right when they came to the defense of her and No Demo Reno in response to the Reddit negativity. “I actually love the show,” one commenter noted.

“… She finds inexpensive ways of redecorating without tearing down all the walls and making your house look like an airplane hangar,” they added.  “If you’re updating existing cabinets, painting them white is a key strategy.”

In response to the frequent complaint about books placed backward on shelves, numerous other users pointed out that showing the covers is a potential copyright issue. And as for the white? One fan said Todryk explained on Instagram that clients choose to have a lot of white, not her.