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HGTV star Jenn Todryk has an easy tip for saving some money on a home renovation. Read on to learn more about the No Demo Reno star, what she does to add some cash back to her project budgets, and how much inflation has changed what she can do with a few tens of thousands of dollars.

Jenn Todryk, shown painting for her HGTV show, has money saving tips for renovations
Jennifer Todryk | HGTV

Jenn Todryk hosts ‘No Demo Reno’ on HGTV

No Demo Reno, Todryk’s show, focuses on home renovations without major demolition — which is already a way of keeping the budget down. “Changing a house’s floorplan takes time and money,” she explained (per HGTV). “It adds up quick and sometimes you don’t need it. You can fall in love with your house all over again, but without the sweat and money that goes along with a full demolition.”

She added her goal for clients is “a million-dollar reveal” without bringing in a wrecking crew. “My favorite part about this job is showing people the potential in the homes they already own. Things that they never thought could be were there the entire time,” she shared.

Todryk revealed she almost said no to HGTV because of a different opportunity, but she got pregnant and realized the popular network was going to take care of more details for her. So, she said yes to the offer and the rest is history.

A tip from Jenn Todryk: reuse or resell whatever possible to save money

Once Todryk has an idea of how she wants to execute a specific design, she has a Cleanout Day to get rid of whatever needs to go (per HGTV). But she doesn’t like to see things going into the trash and reuses whatever she can.

Furthermore, Todryk has a crafty method for adding to her budget. If something doesn’t work with her plans, she lists it for sale online or through garage sales. In the end, every little bit adds more to the budget for the redo.

Jenn Todryk is battling inflation to keep ‘No Demo Reno’ budgets down, but they aren’t what they once were


‘No Demo Reno’ Star Jenn Todryk Says Inflation Broke Her ‘Relatable’ Reno Budgets: ’That Doesn’t Get You Anything Anymore’

According to Todryk, inflation has caused an increase in the lowest possible budget she’s able to work with for a renovation. In the first season of No Demo Reno, projects were as low as $40,000. But she said that’s just not possible anymore.

“You can’t do anything under [$85,000] right now,” she told ET. That’s because of inflation’s impact on the cost of pretty much everything, including labor. “Labor is so much more expensive than even the materials most of the time now,” she shared.

“You could do more, but if we’re making a design TV show, it needs to look amazing.”

Despite inflation frustrations, Todryk wants to keep doing what she’s doing, partly because of the “high” she gets from working with clients. “… It’s life-changing for them and I get to be part of that,” she gushed. “I’m in their life story forever.”

And the social media sensation likes staying in the “no demo box” as a “hard rule,” so fans can expect her to stick to that. “We’re not removing walls,” she concluded, “and no one else was doing that.”