HGTV’s ‘Unsellable Houses’ Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis Tease New VW, ‘Rock the Block’ Crossover – and Leslie Gets Hit With a Stick [Exclusive]

HGTV‘s Unsellable Houses Season 3 is heating up and Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis tease a new VW bus a Rock the Block crossover – and guess twin gets whacked with a stick?

“This week you meet a new Volkswagon!” Lamb revealed to Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

“Actually it has some crazy history to it,” Davis added. Davis and Lamb are known for pulling up to their jobs in a VW bus and the family has some serious love for the quirky vehicle.

A new VW bus is introduced on ‘Unsellable Houses’ Season 3

Lamb and Davis have a true affinity for their VW bus lineage. “Over the years we have owned several VW buses,” Lamb told Hilary Winfield Fine Art. “Currently, my husband and I own two, named Ginger and Olive. We have had Ginger for a year and Olive for 6 months. We buy and sell them all of the time. I would not be surprised if we pick up another one in the next few months!”

Leslie Davis & Lyndsay Lamb from 'Unsellable Houses' hold furry pillows and smile while staging a house
Leslie Davis & Lyndsay Lamb | HGTV

“Both Olive and Ginger are in the show and our Blue bus (Helga) even appears in the first episode and opening credits,” she added.

Leslie accidentally gets hit with a stick on ‘Unsellable Houses’ Season 3

Davis told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that viewers should also prepare for a little bit of playful tension between the twins this season of Unsellable Houses. She recalled they encounter a stalemate over design and can’t come to an agreement. “It was an episode, and I don’t know if this made it in where Leslie and I got into a bit of a …,” Davis gestures that the twins butt heads.

Round and round they go, Davis said. She and Lamb recalled that they possibly took their dispute to social media. “I don’t know,” Lamb tried to recall. “But it ended up with her hitting me with a stick on accident!”

In her defense, Davis said, “I didn’t mean to! I threw it and it just goes [makes a flying motion with her hands]. Boom!”

“Right across the face,” Lamb shared. “I’m sure that makes it!”

The sisters love working together

The twins said that while they sometimes butt heads, they usually don’t have many disputes and love working together. “Out of everybody in the world, I argue with her the least,” Davis said about her sister.

“We will bicker, but it’s more like play bicker, you know?” she added. “We get asked all the time, how do I duplicate this partnership? We’ve been partners since my mother’s tummy. It’s 40 years of a partnership. I don’t know that you can duplicate that. My husband and I are 20 years in and we’ll never catch up to this partnership. It’s a relationship you can’t duplicate.”

They tease a crossover from ‘Rock the Block’ this season

Much more is to come this season of Unsellable Houses. “We made our largest profit ever this season,” Davis pointed out. “So that’s toward the end of the season. We’ve done some of the biggest houses we’ve ever done this season. Some of our largest investments this year.”

“One of my favorite houses was with that blush [tile],” Lamb teased. She had to convince a homeowner to allow them to install a blush tile to get the house to sell – and convincing the seller wasn’t easy.

“And we get to do a little cross with one of our other favorite HGTV shows,” Lamb added. So who is it? The twins wouldn’t spill. But they teased, “Some of our friends that we met on Rock the Block,” Lamb said. The hint: “They’re two cuties …” Davis dished.

Stay tuned. Unsellable Houses is on every Tuesday at 9 pm ET on HGTV.

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