The Hilarious Way Elvis Presley Dodged His Adoring Fans With Help From His Girlfriend, Linda Thompson

Elvis Presley might have died four decades ago, but his legacy remains strong. The musician is famous for his charm, vocal prowess, and revolutionizing music during his time, which earned him the title of the King of Rock and Roll. However, toward the end of his life, Presley became known for things unrelated to music.

His relationship woes and substance abuse became some of the most discussed things in the King’s life. But Presley always managed to stay above. Former girlfriend Linda Thompson detailed the hilarious way she helped Presley dodge his legions of fans.

Elvis Presley and Linda Thompson hit it off after a quick introduction

Although Presley had dated many women, his most-known romance involved Priscilla Presley. But as with many good things, their relationship ended, with the two divorcing amicably. Priscilla cited his infidelity as one of the reasons why she ended their marriage.

Not long after their divorce, Elvis moved on with Thompson, a lyricist and actor born in Memphis. The two immediately hit it off when they met at the Memphian Theater in 1972, having been introduced by a mutual friend. Thompson said she rebuffed the musician’s advances presuming he was still married to Priscilla.

However, she reconsidered after the star told her his ex-wife had left him for another man, thus setting the course for the next four years of their relationship. Elvis and Thompson, who was then 22 years old, were often spotted together, never leaving each other’s side.

Thompson helped Presley dodge his fans

Linda Thompson enters a vehicle in 1974
Linda Thompson | Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Elvis was without a doubt one of the most famous individuals. With that came along some disadvantages. As renowned as Elvis was, he couldn’t do the ordinary things people do without catching fans’ attention.

Thompson sat down with Larry King for Elvis Australia and detailed how the King of Rock and Roll couldn’t go out to a movie alone without being harassed. After King inquired how Thompson met Elvis, she mentioned they met after being invited to a movie screening. Elvis had rented out the theater. The detail caught King’s attention, who wanted to know more about Elvis’s inability to enjoy a movie around others.

Thompson explained that Elvis “could never go to a regular movie. So he rented the Memphian Theater out after closing hours, and they would screen new movies.” Thompson went ahead to detail one event when fans of Elvis noticed him and asked for an autograph after he confirmed he was “the King.”

After realizing the fans were in a frenzy for an autograph, Thompson chimed in, saying, “Charlie, you’re not using that Elvis bit again, are you? Come on. You’re not telling these people that you’re Elvis again, are you?” The former pageant queen assured his fans that they were not in Presley’s presence and he was a lookalike. After some retort from the disappointed fans, they left him alone.

Thompson considered Presley to be her kindred spirit


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Thompson and Elvis had a heated romance during their four years together. As she recounted their first meeting, Thompson told Larry that she and Elvis shared many things. They had similar upbringings, traditions, values, and religious beliefs. Thompson also said she and Elvis enjoyed the same cuisine thanks to their Southern heritage.

After Larry inquired whether their meeting had been inevitable, Thompson agreed. She explained, “Oh it was, we shared a real kinship.” She went on to say, “I mean, we became kindred souls. So much so that he said, ‘Where have you been?’ and I said, ‘Growing up.”

The two parted ways in 1977, eight months before Elvis died.