‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Describes Her Style in 2 Words: ‘Real Life’

HGTV star Erin and Ben Napier are the hosts of the popular show Home Town. The couple, who joined the network in 2017, have become fan favorites for their southern comfort design and their transformation of the small town of Laurel, Mississippi.

When it comes to Erin’s style, fans have never been certain of how to refer to it. But Erin once described her style in two easy words.

Erin Napier in New York City in 2020
Erin Napier in New York City in 2020 | Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Erin and Ben Napier initially weren’t sure about joining HGTV

Prior to starting their HGTV show, Erin and Ben owned a stationary business. The couple remodeled and redesigned homes as well, and they often posted their work on social media. One thing led to another, and soon enough, a producer had discovered the couple’s style and how they were changing their small town of Laurel, Mississippi.

When the two were first approached about a TV show, they initially thought that producers wanted to buy paper. They later learned their designs had been discovered and that the TV show was to showcase their work. Erin wasn’t sure that people would tune in.

““We didn’t think it would be possible,” Erin said in an interview, according to House Beautiful. “Why would it be possible to make a TV show in a town like Laurel, Mississippi? We love it very much, but that doesn’t mean everyone else would.”

Erin and Ben Napier in Laurel, Mississippi
Erin and Ben Napier in Laurel, Mississippi | Meggan Haller/The Washington Post/Getty Images

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‘Home Town’ star Erin Napier describes her style in two words

Fast forward nearly five years, and things have worked out quite well for the Napiers. The couple’s show, Home Town, premiered back in 2017, and it was an instant fan favorite. The two have been changing Laurel one house at a time, and fans have loved watching Erin’s trendy-yet-quirky southern comfort style come to life. However, a few have suggested her homes are a bit too crowded — but she likes to see it as a reflection of reality.

“Some may say my style is maximalist or cluttered, but I say it’s real life,” Erin once wrote in an Instagram post. “We all have STUFF, or at least I do — and those things are the pieces that comfort us on a stormy night … And welcome us home when we walk in the door.” Erin went on to explain that her clients do tend to keep most of the furnishings that are put in their homes.

Erin and Ben Napier’s home is about to get more crowded

The most recent major news in the couple’s life came in April, when Erin and Ben announced that they’re expecting their second child. The couple withheld the news from fans for eight months, which Erin explained in an Instagram post.

“Just like Helen did, her little sister has made it easy to keep her secret by being tiny even now, and I’m deeply thankful that we’ve had almost 8 months of keeping this our news just for our family and close friends,” part of her caption wrote. Erin and Ben have revealed that their baby is due sometime in May.