‘Hospital Playlist 2’: Episode 10 Ended on a Cliffhanger Before One Week Hiatus

The hit Netflix Korean drama Hospital Playlist 2 is dominating television ratings with its second season. Its tenth episode aired on August 26 and left fans on a cliffhanger. Just as fans saw certain storylines hit new heights and a sense of resolution, the episode’s final moment left everyone in a state of shock as a possible main character is injured. The post-credit teaser only intensified the need for answers. The only issue is that fans will have to wait an entire week for a new episode as the drama goes into a one-week hiatus.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains potential spoilers about Hospital Playlist 2 episode 10.]

'Hospital Playlist' main characters wearing civilian clothes taking a selfie
Main characters of ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ in promo poster | Netflix via tvN

‘Hospital Playlist 2’ takes a one week hiatus

The K-drama’s representative announced it would not air a new episode during the first week of September. This is not the first time the drama has made changes to its episode schedule. The reasoning for episode 11’s debut change is because of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Due to television news coverage of the Asia preliminaries, the drama will delay its new episode until September 9. Fans online were dismayed to hear the news but hoped it gave the drama’s writers time to work on a possible new season. According to Soompi, the k-drama still dominates weekly rating in its time slot and on Netflix. While fans hoped episode 10 would not end on a cliffhanger, it did not work out that way.

The emergency room gets an unexpected call

The new episode of Hospital Playlist 2 took fans on a whirlwind of emotions from tears to laugh-out-loud moments. Toward the end of the episode, everything comes into place as Jeong-Won (Yoo Yeon-Seok) reaffirms his relationship with Gyeo-Wool (Shi Hyun-Bin). On the other end of the hospital, Seok-Hyeong (Kim Dae-Myung) steps up and asks Min-Ha to dinner (Ahn Eun-Jin).

Late into the night, the emergency room receives a call. The nurse on duty receives notice of a male trauma patient in his 40s. After paramedics inform her of his vitals, they explain he collapsed after being struck in the head with a rock. While checking his identification, they realize the patient is a doctor at Yulje Medical Center. The episode ends with the on-call emergency doctor asking for the patient’s name.

The post-credit teaser intensified the need for answers as Jeong-Won, Seok-Hyeong, and Song-Hwa (Jeon Mi-Da) are in the emergency room. The only character missing is Ik-Joon (Cho Jung-Seok). The three characters make vague conversation about whether the police caught the culprit, CTV footage, and the events that took place. The teaser also left fans on edge as its implied that Seok-Hyeong will leave for the United States.

Fans are a bundle of nerves over episode 10


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Fans on Reddit could not contain their excitement over certain scenes in Hospital Playlist 2 episode 10. Gyeo-Wool finally opens up about her personal life with Jeong-Won regarding her difficult home life. This moment strengthed their bond and love story as Jeong-Won was alright with Gyeo-Wool focusing on her family. But fans are theorizing Seok-Hyeong asking Min-Ha to dinner could have an ulterior motive.

One Reddit user exclaims, “I have a bad feeling about GomGom’s date. Seems like it’s gonna be a “first and last date” kinda situation before Professor Yang leaves for the US.” Fans were also left on edge with the possibility of a main character being hurt, “That ending. Just why. Of course, it could be a red herring, but we’re nearing the end of the season, and this could be some Mind Changing Angst.” Fans theorize that the show might be misleading them as signs lead to Ik-Joon or another supporting character.