‘Hospital Playlist 2’: K-Drama Returns From Hiatus With New Romantic Relationships

Netflix’s Hospital Playlist 2 returns from its one-week hiatus with episode 11. Because of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Korean cable television shifted its focus to cover the event leaving out the Korean drama from its regular programming. Episode 10 of the K-drama’s left fans on a significant cliffhanger as a character is rushed to the ER after being attacked. Also, another main character hints at possibly leaving Yulje Medical Center and much more. Fans eagerly awaited the new episode, and it surpassed expectations. Episode 11 marks the near end of the second season with new blossoming relationships and the future of the main characters.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains potential spoilers about Hospital Playlist 2 episode 11.]

Characters Song-Hwa and Ik-Joon in 'Hospital Playlist' wearing blue doctor scrubs
Characters Song-Hwa and Ik-Joon in ‘Hospital Playlist’ | tvN via Netflix

A doctor at Yulje Medical Center is gravely injured

Episode 10 of Hospital Playlist 2 marked a storyline turn for certain main characters. Min-Ha (Ahn Eun-Jin) had been desperately finding ways to ask out her department’s head doctor, Seok-Hyeong (Kim Dae-Myung). Instead, Seok-Hyeong surprises everyone by asking her out for dinner and a movie. The real surprise came in the episode’s post-credit trailer. The ER gets an urgent call about an incoming patient.

The paramedics reveal the patient to be a doctor at Yulje Medical, and it immediately alerts the ER doctor on call. The trailer remains elusive on the patient, but fans speculated it to be Ik-Joon (Cho Jung-Seok). Jeong-Won (Yoo Yeon-Seok), Seok-Hyeong, and Song-Hwa (Jeon Mi-Da) anxiously wait around a hospital bed. They discuss the circumstances of what occurred as the patient was struck in the head from behind. The trailer left fans in worry for their favorite character. But the new episode answered some questions and gave fans even more to look forward to as Hospital Playlist 2 enters its final episode.

Song-Hwa finally admits her feelings for Ik-Joon in ‘Hospital Playlist 2’

Hospital Playlist 2 has done an excellent job at teasing the bubbling romance between Ik-Joon and Song-Hwa. Their friendship takes a turn toward heartwarming love in episode 11. Ik-Joon is the ER patient who was attacked and is admitted with a skull fracture and abrasions. The first person by Ik-Joon’s side is Song-Hwa. When she arrives in the ER, she immediately grasps his hand, which surprises the ER doctor.

It was not only fans who noticed cupid in the air. Ik-Joon’s sister catches them in a flirty and sweet interaction while playing a card game. When Jun-Wan (Jung Kyung-Ho) arrives to check on Ik-Joon, she stops him and asks when they started dating. Jun-Wan does not believe her until being stunned at how they interact with one another. By the end of the episode, Ik-Joon is back to his old self and is taking Song-Hwa home from band practice.

Along the way, it starts raining, and they pull over to get a cup of coffee. The mood suddenly shifts in the car. Song-Hwa tells Ik-Joon the first thing she thought of when she heard he was hurt. She says the line, “I should have told him that I liked him,” and suggests they date. Ik-Joon turns to her and says he’ll give her his answer and kisses her. Fans waited for this moment long enough and it finally came true. In the episode, it was also revealed Song-Hwa had feelings for Ik-Joon since they were in college.

Seok-Hyeong and Min-Ha confirm their relationship


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Fans sympathized with Min-Ha over her crush on Seok-Hyeong. She tried to find ways to ask him on a date properly but was never successful. From Season 1 of the K-drama, Seok-Hyeong is hesitant to love again after divorcing his first wife and believing he was not a good person to be in a relationship with. Episode 10 of Hospital Playlist 2 shocked fans when Seok-Hyeong takes the plunge and asks out Min-Ha.

After their date in episode 11, Min-Ha needs to hear Seok-Hyeong confirm he feels the same way and their relationship. But Seok-Hyeong confides in her his worry that he might not be a good person to be with. Min-Ha eases his fears, assuring she is a good person, much more so, and he does not have to worry about her.

After Min-Ha’s confession, Seok-Hyeong tells her he likes her and she has no need to confess her feelings anymore as he feels the same. They end in a heartwarming embrace. Amidst the new romances, the episode also showed a student resident questioning his path as a doctor after being constantly scolded. The main characters reassure him of his value and determination. According to Soompi, Hospital Playlist 2 heads into its finale with its highest rating yet.