‘Hospital Playlist’: Netflix K-Drama Cancels September Episode Airing

The Netflix K-drama Hospital Playlist originally aired for only one season in 2020. Due to fan reactions and the drama becoming the eleventh highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history, Netflix renewed it for a second season on the streaming platform. Season 2 episodes air weekly, but a representative for Hospital Playlist confirms the September 2 episode will not air as planned.

Cast of 'Hospital Playlist' Season 2 in medical scrubs
Main characters of ‘Hospital Playlist’ Season 2 promo poster | tvN via Netflix

‘Hospital Playlist’ is a group of college friends working at the same hospital

The 2020 drama, Hospital Playlist is the second installment of the Wise Life series, following the 2017 K-drama Prison Playbook. A group of medical students meet during university in 1999 and become best friends despite studying different areas of medicine. Now in their 40s, they all work together at Yulje Medical Center. The drama showcases their stories navigating the medical field, personal lives, friendship, and even love. Season 2 picked up where the first season’s storylines ended.

The K-drama stars some of South Korea’s prominent actors. Actor Jo Jung-Suk plays Lee Ik-Jun, an assistant professor of general surgery specializing in liver transplants raising his son as a single father. Playing the kind-hearted Ahn Jeong-Won, an assistant professor of pediatric surgery, is actor Yoo Yeon-Seok. The character Kim Jun-Wan is an associate professor of cardiothoracic surgery, played by actor Jung Kyung-Ho.

The aloof yet kind Yang Seok-Hyeong, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology, is played by actor Kim Dae-Myung. Actor Jeon Mi-Do plays the only female in the friend group as Chae Song-Hwa, a renowned neurosurgeon.

The episode for first week of September will not air due to 2022 Qatar World Cup

As revealed by the Hospital Playlist representative, according to Soompi, the drama will not air during the first week of September on Netflix and cable television. The episode was scheduled to stream on September 2 but is delayed due to coverage of the Asia preliminaries for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

On September 2, South Korea will play against Iraq, delaying the K-drama’s episode 11 premiere. The drama will still stream episode 10 on August 26 but will leave episode 11 until September 9. This is not the first time the drama has changed its episode airing schedule. Due to the rapid spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) that caused filming issues, the drama released a special episode on July 29.

Fans will have to wait a while longer


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Netflix for U.S. streamers will have to wait for the new episodes as the platform has yet to premiere episode 9. Fans of the K-drama are heartbroken over the news that there will be another break from its scheduling cycle. One fan comments on Soompi that there are hopefully no major cliffhangers in episode 10, leaving fans anxious the entire break.

With only 12 episodes in the second season, fans are not ready to see the drama end. Many hope that the week-long break will inspire the drama’s writers to work on a third season. Hospital Playlist is one of a handful of popular K-dramas that broke the one-season cycle and gave fans another season.