‘Hospital Playlist’: Variety Show Gets First Teaser With the Main Cast

Fans of the Netflix Hospital Playlist get to hold onto the main cast for a bit longer. In late August, tvN announced the main cast of the Korean medical drama would star in a new variety show. At the time, details of the show were still being decided, like its premiere date and title. Produced by Na Young-Suk, tvN officially released a sneak peek of the main cast of Hospital Playlist taking some deserved time off in Mountain Village Playlist. Fans of the K-drama can look forward to the cast sharing heartwarming moments while cooking meals and watching the drama together.

Yoo Yeon-Seok, Jeon Mi-Do, Kim Dae-Myung, Jung Kyung-Ho, Jo Jung-Sok 'Hospital Playlist' wearing suits in photoshoot
Yoo Yeon-Seok, Jeon Mi-Do, Kim Dae-Myung, Jung Kyung-Ho, Jo Jung-Sok for ‘Hospital Playlist’ I via Netflix

The variety show was announced before the ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ finale

According to Soompi, on Aug.24, an industry representative announced plans for a new variety show. Jo Jung-Suk, Jung Kyung-Ho, Jeon Mi-Do, Yoo Yeon-Seok, and Kim Dae-Myung would star with other Hospital Playlist actors as guests. The cast would begin filming on Sept.6. The variety show’s premiere date was rumored to be after the K-drama’s finale.

Producing director Na Young-Suk is in charge of the variety show. Fans of the Netflix K-drama have already seen the producer before. Na played a guest role as the father of Lee Woo-Joo’s (Kim Joon) friend/girlfriend and a producer. Ik-Jun (Jo Jung-Suk) accidentally confuses Na’s character for another producer during the second season, offending him. TvN created the new variety show to give fans a bit more of the main cast. A tvN representative stated, “It is being planned with hopes that the actors will wrap up the drama while creating good memories with viewers after concluding filming.”

‘Hospital Playlist’ cast watch the K-drama over meals in new variety show

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TvN announced the variety show’s title and released a teaser for fans to get excited about. According to Soompi, the K-drama’s cast will take some time off in a mountain village in Mountain Village Playlist. The variety show’s title incorporates the original K-drama and the filming location. Jo Jung-Suk, Jung Kyung-Ho, Jeon Mi-Do, Yoo Yeon-Seok, and Kim Dae-Myung will cook and share three meals together, similar to the structure of the popular Korean reality cooking show, Three Meals a Day.

Fans get a snippet of what is in store in the new variety show. The main cast gathers in their temporary home to watch Hospital Playlist 2. They even make comical remarks about Jo and Jeon’s on-screen romance. With good humor and feelings all around, the cast makes jokes and enjoys a small vacation together. The teaser also reveals Kim Hae-Sook as a guest star. Kim played the role of Jeong-Won’s (Yoo) mother, Jung Ro-Sa.

The new variety show will give fans more of the heartwarming and friendly relationship the main cast has developed over three years. “The show was planned with the mindset of extending the warmth and emotions from ‘Hospital Playlist’ just a little longer. It will be a time of healing as a gift for the viewers who have showed them so much love,” said the production staff. Mountain Village Playlist will premiere on Oct. 8.

The K-drama’s production team have no set plans for a third season

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Fans said goodbye to Hospital Playlist 2 on Sept.16. The hit Netflix K-drama garnered a huge loyal fan base and led to creating a second season installment. But fans will sadly not get the third season. Industry representatives and the K-drama’s production staff stated the K-drama would end with season 2. At an earlier press conference for Hospital Playlist 2, director Shin Won-Ho initially planned the season to air across three years. He also wanted the main actors to pursue other work freely.

Both the production company and the K-drama’s director do have some hope for a third season. If future plans for season 3 are in the works, the actors and staff will happily return. As of now, fans get to rewatch the characters’ daily lives in Hospital Playlist and watch the main cast in a new variety show.

Mountain Village Playlist will air on Oct.8