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With The Real over, Adrienne Bailon is happy for the next phase of her life. Still, she says what she was able to contribute to the daytime television space is one of the greatest achievements in her career. Bailon made history as the first Latina woman to co-host an English-language daytime talk show.

The ladies of 'The Real,' Adrienne Bailon made history as the first Latina to host an English-language daytime talk show
The ladies of ‘The Real’ | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Why Adrienne Bailon Vowed to Relocate to New York After ‘The Real’ Ends

She made history as the first Latina to host an English-language daytime talk show on American television

Bailon remained one of three original co-hosts on the show for its 8-season run. The show launched when she was 29 years old and took up a decade of her life. Alongside Bailon, co-hosts throughout the years included Tamar Braxton, Loni Love, Amanda Seales, Garcelle Beauvais, and Tamera Mowry Housley. While the show was praised for being the first of its kind for targeting a millennial audience, little did she know she was also making history. She told Entertainment Tonight:

We’re just so proud of what the show accomplished, just being able to be the first Latina in daytime talk on English language television was mind-blowing. I’ll never forget when they were like, ‘This is the press release that’s going out today with the launch of the show that you are the first Latina to ever…’ and I remember panicking and being like, ‘I don’t think that’s right. Please fact-check, please don’t make me look stupid. I don’t want to be out here tooting my own horn and they’re like “Oh girl, you tried it. You are not the first. Stop claiming something that’s not true.” So I think now with the show coming to an end, Jeannie and I were just talking about this, we can’t let the concept of the show die.

The singer was ready for the show to end

Though the show’s ending was bitter-sweet, Bailon admits she was ready to move on from that chapter of her life. She realized it even more during the coronavirus pandemic. Bailon told ET: 

I for sure was. I’d just brought my house in New York and it’s kind of crazy because we didn’t know if The Real was coming back after our virtual season. I literally did a whole season from my mom’s basement in New York. And after that, things changed. I think I changed in that time. I missed spending time with my family in New York, I missed out on my nieces growing up and I missed that and I wanted that. So I went and brought a house. I ended up selling my house here [in LA] and I even shipped my cars across the country. And in that moment as the cars were coming up the driveway, I got the call from Telepictures and they were like, ‘We’re back in studio.’ 

She is now living full-time in New York and wants to start a family

Being back near her family gives Bailon a better work-life balance. Now, her biggest dream is to start a family. She previously told Amanda Seales on her Small Doses podcast that raising her children in New York is ideal. In fact, she says she only maintained a place in LA because of her job on The Real and looked forward to the day she didn’t have to split her time.

“I want my kids to have that hustle in them, and I want them to be exposed to a different grit, and I want them to feel that and think it’ll be really helpful for them, and I think that it builds character,” she told Seales about why New York is where she wants to raise her family.