How Big Is the House On ‘The Bachelor?’

The Bachelor is one of those guilty-pleasure shows you might hate to admit you love. Every season a new group of women (or men, if it’s The Bachelorette), compete to win over the heart of one lucky bachelor or bachelorette. While the men and women change every year, one thing doesn’t: The house in which the men and women stay while they’re on the show. It must be large enough to host up to two dozen women or men at once. So how big is The Bachelor mansion?

Bachelor Mansion family instagram

The home featured on ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ | The Marshall Group via Instagram

The home sits on 10 acres

This immaculate mansion is located in Agoura Hills — a wealthy city just outside of Los Angeles County. It isn’t surrounded by many other homes; the house sits on 10 acres of land. According to Google satellite image, the home also has a large wall that blocks it fairly well from the street. It’s set back a bit, giving it plenty of privacy all around. It’s no wonder the home was perfect to film a television show. The Zillow photos show a large infinity pool that appears to have sweeping views of the California mountains.

It has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms

On the show, the bedrooms aren’t typically shown, so it’s not obvious how producers set them up to fit so many people. (However, many people are eliminated the first night, so only about a dozen actually spend time living in the house.) The home has six bedrooms, all of which feature en-suite baths. Plus, there are three other bathrooms throughout the home. It may seem like too many baths, but with so many people, it’s necessary.

The patio area is 3,000 square feet, and the home is 8,000 square feet

The home itself is a whopping 8,000 square feet — plenty large enough to house at least a dozen people for some period of time. But besides having a massive square footage, the patio alone is larger than the average American home. On the show, the bachelor or bachelorette often has their one-on-one time with the competing men or women outside on this patio. And whenever someone wants to steal them away, the camera pans to them walking what seems like at least a hundred feet to reach wherever the couple is sitting. Well, they’re not making that up. With so much patio space, it’s easy to find privacy — and there are definitely areas that aren’t a short walk from the house.

The home is worth an estimated $4 million

Zillow estimates home values based on the home’s features, square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. According to the popular home website, the home used on The Bachelor is worth just over $4 million. While there are definitely homes in California that surpass that price point, the home still has a massive price tag. The craziest part of all may be that the home actually belongs to a real family. The production crew puts the family up in a hotel while it films, then rearranges the home to their liking during filming. Once filming is over, the crew puts everything back to normal and the family moves back home.

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