Here’s How BTS Became Good at Covering Up Mistakes While on Stage

A lot of artists try their best to be perfect on stage, but it’s impossible to be perfect all the time. BTS has performed on stage countless times throughout their seven-year career, so it’s inevitable that they might occasionally mess up in front of fans. However, the members have also learned to be extremely good at covering up any errors that occur.

BTS | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images for ESB

Do the BTS members often make mistakes on stage?

BTS is known for their awe-inspiring performances. To a casual viewer, it might not seem like the group has made many mistakes on stage.

It is true that BTS does not usually slip up while performing. However, fans have caught them making mistakes from time to time. A quick search on YouTube yields numerous compilation videos of moments when a member or two accidentally forgot what they have rehearsed.

Oftentimes, BTS’s mistakes involve choreography. The members have to learn an insane amount of choreography, so it is not surprising that they occasionally mess up. For example, sometimes one person might be offbeat, do a wrong move, or forget about where his position is.

How did BTS learn to cover up mistakes while performing?

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Most people watching BTS’s performances might not notice their mistakes, and that is usually due to the members’ professionalism. At this point, they have become extremely skilled at covering up mistakes on stage.

Even when they were still new on the scene, BTS had already learned how to get on with the show during these unexpected moments.

“We’ve done a lot of practice to prepare for these types of mishaps or wardrobe malfunctions,” Suga said in an old interview, according to Koreaboo. “In instances where our hats are falling off, we would kick them away with our feet or throw them. We practiced a lot while monitoring our performances so I think that’s why people who watch us think that we are really smooth at covering our mistakes.”

He also added, “We’ve practiced a lot with props since debut. I thought everyone practiced like that but it turns out it was just us.”

BTS’s Jimin has learned to not beat himself up for making mistakes

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Jimin is known for being a hard worker. The other members have talked about how Jimin often inspires them to have better work ethic and strive to better their crafts.

However, Jimin has some perfectionistic tendencies as well. He used to be hard on himself for making mistakes on stage, though he has since learned to accept this human part of him.

“I used to be the type that broke down whenever I made mistakes,” he said in a live stream video from 2019. “But now, of course I don’t feel great about making mistakes, but… ‘Please wait just a bit more. I’ll try and get better soon.’ This is what I keep saying in my head.”

He also shared that the members give each other positive energy to keep them going amid any difficulties.