How BTS’ RM Accidentally Threw Off Taehyung’s Groove in the Sweetest Way

Everybody makes mistakes, and BTS’ RM knows that firsthand after a goof-up during a recent performance of ‘Boy With Luv.’ It seems RM got caught up in the moment and made one mistake during his choreography that threw off Taehyung. Luckily, it was a sweet mistake, and both RM and Taehyung were able to recover. Here’s what went down. 

RM got caught up in the moment 

Kim Taehyung, Park Ji-min, Jungkook, Suga, Kim Seok-jin, RM and J-Hope of BTS
Kim Taehyung, Park Ji-min, Jungkook, Suga, Kim Seok-jin, RM and J-Hope of BTS | Noam Galai/Getty Images

BTS is well-known for their dynamic and energetic performances. Their energy on stage is a big part of what draws people to their live performances. Between killer lyrics and excellent choreography, the group’s personalities are apparent on stage. 

However, it seems even the performers themselves sometimes get caught up in the energy. During a recent performance of “Boy With Luv,” RM seemed to really be feeling the moment. 

RM had been holding a white hat as part of his choreography. His next move, after singing “let it fly,” was to pass the hat over to Taehyung. However, RM took the lyrics literally, and let his white hat fly out of his hand, flinging it out across the stage. It’s hard to blame RM for getting so into the music. 

Taehyung left hanging

RM’s move left Taehyung a little confused, however. The BTS star had been about to snag the hat from RM when suddenly, it was gone. You could see a brief moment of confusion pass over Taehyung. 

Luckily, he’s a true performer, and was able to keep going after a brief lapse. For a moment, Taehyung grasped his microphone with two hands, unsure what to do. He recovered soon after, bouncing in place to the music before picking up the choreography again where he would have left off.

Fans react

Far from being disappointed in the performance, fans of BTS seemed to find it endearing. One fan posted the moment on Twitter, writing, “Taehyung was supposed to get the hat from Namjoon but he threw it away so Taehyung hot startled and just stayed there cutely bouncing in tiny like the whole babie he is [sic].”

One fan replied with, “The way he had startled expression but his body keep moving to the song without missing a beat. The whole pro I must say.”

Another fan added, “That was so cute Taehyung always does such a cute things specifically to not make look bad any of his members, and I’m sure after all that RM was so sad because he forgot,  I love all of the because they adjust them self all to everything the comes to them [sic].”

“The transition from being a cutie baby to a sexy performer is so hot. The duality of Kim Taehyung,” said another fan.

BTS receives big praise from Bong Joon Ho

Kim Taehyung, Park Ji-min, Jungkook, Suga, Kim Seok-jin, RM and J-Hope of BTS
Kim Taehyung, Park Ji-min, Jungkook, Suga, Kim Seok-jin, RM and J-Hope of BTS| Debra L Rothenberg/FilmMagic

Meanwhile, BTS has been receiving adulation not just from their typical fans, but from a big name in the movie industry. Golden Globe winner Bong Joon Ho took some time to praise BTS while at the awards ceremony. 

He said, “Although I’m here at the Golden Globes, BTS has 3,000 times the amount of power and influence that I have. I think Korea produces a lot of great artists cause we’re very emotionally dynamic people.”

It just goes to show that BTS has all sorts of fans. Perhaps Bong Joon Ho is a member of ARMY himself.