How Chris Evans Coped With His Anxiety and Depression While Filming ‘Captain America’

It’s hard to imagine Captain America star, Chris Evans, would suffer from any kind of mental illness at all.

But, in a YouTube channel Motivation Madness interview, Evans opened up about not only struggling with anxiety but admits it almost kept him from Captain America fame altogether.

You may be surprised to learn what causes stress for Evans, as well as his methods for coping with it.

Chris Evans before ‘Captain America’

Chris Evans on the red carpet
Chris Evans | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Before he donned the superhero suit with the Marvel franchise, Chris Evans had plenty of acting success onscreen. With roles in Fantastic Four and Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, he got a taste of hero status roles. He also starred in Push and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, among other television roles and projects.

The Boston-born native was carving out a name for himself in Hollywood, and secretly suffering from anxiety that Evans admits almost prevented him from taking the leap into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the first Avenger.

The anxiety that almost cost him the career-changing role

Chris Evans talks about the anxiety he felt when considering the role of Steve Rogers in the Marvel franchise. The weight of a ten-year and six movie commitment, as the contract would lock him into the portrayal for the planned sequels to come, was almost too much for him.

He expressed concerns and anxiety about the ongoing press for such a pivotal character. He said the thought of how life-changing the subsequent fame and popularity would be, was overwhelming. So much so, he almost turned down the opportunity.

After discussing his anxiety with family and friends, soliciting their advice regarding the contract to play Captain America, Chris Evans found the direction he needed. While many encouraged him to take on the project, others also suggested he seek the consult of a professional therapist to help sort through his anxiety.

He took their advice, and with the help of therapy, was able to work through his symptoms to find a clear path to a decision. As we all know and are grateful for, Evans took on the role and production commitment.

How Chris Evans copes with his ongoing anxiety

Chris Evans openly discusses his ongoing bouts of anxiety and depression, especially when it comes to intense media coverage and press with his Marvel responsibilities. He says he’s learned to quiet his sometimes overwhelming reaction to stressful situations, by actually telling himself to “shhh.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Evans said he once spent three weeks straight with a guru in India, just learning how to quiet his mind. But, he suggests anyone can benefit from self-meditation practices without having to travel across the world to do it.

Millions suffer from anxiety and depression worldwide. Chris Evans opens up about his personal journey with managing his symptoms and encourages people everywhere to seek help to find their paths to clarity.

Hoping others can be inspired by his candid reflection about anxiety struggles and the benefits of therapy, almost has us loving him even more. If anything, it demonstrates his ability to embrace the responsibility he was so reluctant to accept in the first place.

Chris Evans was worried about how much his life would change upon accepting the role of Steve Rogers. Luckily for him, and the rest of us, he was able to speak up about his anxiety and get the mental health guidance he needed.

It’s a victory for Evans, and the MCU fans, as we couldn’t imagine anyone else carrying the red, white, and blue shield.