How Did Captain Lee From ‘Below Deck’ Take Down the Kate Chastain Haters?

Kate Chastain and Captain Lee Rosbach | Kate Chastain Instagram

This season of Below Deck is heating up, especially for those who work in the interior on My Seanna. And while crew members like former bosun Chandler Brooks and former third stew Caroline Bedol were getting fileted on Twitter, chief stew Kate Chastain is now getting her share of hate too.

Some people are posting about how Chastain talks smack behind her crew’s back and is rude and dismissive with lower ranking crew members. Chastain has had a rocky relationship with her third stews since debuting on the show five seasons ago. And has historically always had a contentious relationship with the person in that position. But this year her third stew relationship has been a major focus during this season.

So when Twitter seemed to turn on Chastain, Captain Lee Rosbach shut down the haters. How did Rosbach address negative posts about Chastain? And what kind of response did he receive?

Captain Lee has Kate’s back

Rosbach has stated his loyalty to Chastain several times in the past. Plus his loyalty was seriously tested after Bedol accused Chastain of workplace harassment.  He stands by Chastain and felt the need to launch a tweet to shut down a wave of Chatain hate. “Ok, I’ve had a few people bashing @Kate_Chastain and why do I put up with her. I don’t. She’s a great asset to me, & I appreciate that. To her naysayers,you wish you had an employee like her, & for you employees, you wish you had a boss that had your back as I have hers.”

Rosbach received a lengthy thread of favorable responses in agreement. “For anyone bashing Kate…stop,” one person replied. “Do her job with the 2 nitwits she has had for 3rd stew this year. Then come back and tell us how you would react. Caro saying she was served shit on a plate and Laura saying check yourself. Really? Kate deserves a raise for all she puts up with.”

Plus more, “Kate is amazing. It’s the stews that cant do their job that usually have a problem with her. Notice she gets along fine with Josiah right. Because he doesn’t talk back to her and he does his job well. Not a hard calculation.”

Kate responds to Captain Lee’s tweet

Chastain was quick to respond to Rosbach’s defense of her on Twitter. “Thank you @capthlr. I love that #BelowDeck offers the world a glimpse into our unique industry of working on charter yachts, but I also understand how people who have never done it themselves wouldn’t necessarily understand how strict and regimented the job demands us to be.”

A good portion of the latest episode showed new third stew, Laura Betancourt, trying to call Chastain out for being rude to her. During Bravo’s After Show, Chastain, and Betancourt addressed the episode. “She comes in and it was so aggressive,” Betancourt recalls. “It was mean, it was belittling.”

However, Chastain claims that Betancourt simply didn’t do her job, adding the bathrooms didn’t even have toilet paper. But Betancourt says as a boss it would have been better if Chastain just recognized how hard she was working. Instead of just “sh*it” on her.

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