How Did Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Meet?

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are one of the cutest power couples in all of Hollywood! It seems as if the pair were simply made for each other, with Chrissy inspiring some of her husband’s most successful songs, and John doting on his wife at all times.

As the parents of two children, Luna and Miles, the couple has long since proved that they definitely have staying power. They take their fair share of backlash in the media and always manage to come out of it just a little stronger, defending each other and more than proving their love and dedication. While it may seem that the pair has been together forever, let’s step back a minute and start from the beginning.

How did Chrissy Teigen and John Legend meet?

How did the couple get their start?

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend first made each other’s acquaintance in 2007, on the set of John’s video for his song, “Stereo”. The story is actually very amusing, as Chrissy, who was only 21 years old at the time, actually walked in on her future husband ironing his underwear! They shared a good laugh and got to work shooting the video. Little did they know what their future held!

It was not serious from the beginning

Later that night, Chrissy, a model, and John shared a casual burger together and had what they refer to as a “hookup”. Afterward, they exchanged goodbyes and went their separate ways, both eager to move on with their growing careers. Obviously, neither one of them expected to end up in a relationship, let alone married with children! There wasn’t much of a relationship at first, with the two only reaching out to each other on occasion, and not showing much interest at being together.  

Chrissy joins John on tour

A few months later, the couple took the next step when Chrissy joined John on a tour. At that point, they were declaring their love for each other, having shared many phone conversations and text messages during the previous weeks. Although they seemed to be quite smitten with each other, it wasn’t long before John tried to put an end to the relationship! Thankfully, it did not last more than 24 hours, because apparently, Chrissy wouldn’t let him go through with it. We are certainly glad that she put her foot down, or they may not have become the funny, loving, and much-adored couple that they are today.

Visiting their future wedding destination

After a few more months of falling for each other even more, Chrissy and John took an all-important trip to Lake Como, Italy. The destination was extremely meaningful as it would be the place where they would eventually exchange wedding vows! The wedding day wouldn’t come for a few more years, however, leaving plenty of time for the two to get to know each other even better.

Getting engaged and finally married

By the time 2011 rolled around, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. The couple came back from a trip to the Maldives with Chrissy sporting an engagement ring on her finger, and that was the beginning of something beautiful! John went on to dedicate his hit song, “All of Me” to his fiance, a song that brought tears to her eyes. In September of 2013, the couple returned to Lake Como, Italy, for a wedding that was both beautiful and unforgettable. Several years later, they made the exciting announcement that their first child, a daughter was on the way, and soon after that, they welcomed their first son. 

This is one couple that is still going strong, as their love seems to grow deeper with each passing day!