How Did Halsey and Evan Peters Meet?

We love a new romance, and though we never saw this one coming — we love how adorable these two are. In late October 2019, musician Halsey and American Horror Story actor, Evan Peters made their romance super official when they appeared at the AHS 100th episode red carpet celebration together. The pair looked absolutely adorable as the iconic duo Sonny and Cher. Later they went on to attend Halsey’s “Almost Famous” party where they dressed as goths. 

Since Halsey was last linked to musician Yungblud, and Peters had been dating actress Emma Roberts for nearly seven years, this new paring came as a surprise to us.

However, now that Halsey and Evan Peters have made their romance public, and the “Without Me” singer confirmed their relationship to Ellen Degeneres, we are ready to uncover all of the details.

This is how Halsey and Evan Peters met

In mid-September, the public first got an inkling that something may be happening between Halsey and Peters when they were spotted together living their best lives at Six Flags. In early October 2019, an insider told E! News,

Halsey has always been a huge fan of Evan’s. A friend connected them and they had also been chatting over social media before deciding to hang out. It’s still very new, but they are both interested in dating each other and hanging out.

Why did Halsey and Yungblud break up?

Though there were rumors of infidelity surrounding their breakup–the “Graveyard” singer confirmed that that is not why she and Yungblud ended things. In a now-deleted tweet, she said, “Sometimes. people just break up. it doesn’t mean someone cheated or something bad happened or someone f*cked up. sometimes. it just happens. because life is constantly changing. and adults stay friends and move on.”

A source explained to E! News that the songstress ended things with Yungblud in early September. They revealed,

It was sort of abrupt and it was Halsey’s decision to end the relationship. Halsey has been very busy with her work commitments and traveling a lot recently, and their relationship was getting rocky. She’s been very busy and focused on her career, which took more of a priority.”

Halsey is scared to talk about her romance with Evan Peters

The singer appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, October 29 where she spoke fairly candidly about her new relationship. After DeGeneres posted their red carpet Halloween photo on the big screen and asked about the relationship, she scared Halsey with one of her infamous pranks. After recovering from the heart-racing and terrifying prank, the songstress told the talk show host,

You distracted me with the boyfriend question. I wasn’t ready. I don’t know what’s scarier, though — having to talk about my boyfriend on TV, or having that happen.

Though they have gone public with their relationship, we doubt we’ll hear many more details about what’s blossoming between Halsey and Peters. it looks like for now, they are trying to keep their private life, private and we don’t blame them.