How Did ‘Seinfeld’ End?

When it comes to sitcoms, few are as famous as Seinfeld. The NBC television series premiered in 1989 and remained on the air for almost a decade. Jerry Seinfeld, the show’s main character, was known for his comedian skills and eccentric ways. Elaine, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and George, cast by Jason Alexander, were two of Jerry’s close friends who joined him in almost all of his daily New York City routines and endeavors. 

Of course, Kramer, Jerry’s one-of-a-kind neighbor played by Michael Richards, was also an essential part of the eclectic crew. Over the course of Seinfeld‘s nine seasons, many fans and followers fell in love with the characters and show that was seemingly about “nothing”. However, when it came time for Seinfeld to come to an end, some people had mixed feelings about the series finale. 

How did the tv series ‘Seinfeld’ actually end? 

1989 marked the end of Seinfeld and the end of a television era. The show that had become a staple of NBC had finally come to an end, and many viewers may have been surprised at what the two part series finale had in store. 

As fans and followers probably remember, in a season 4 episode titled “The Pitch”, George and Jerry were actually seen pitching the very show they were filming to NBC executives. In the storyline that was overflowing with irony, the television network, surprisingly, loved the idea.However, in classic George fashion, when trying to barter a better deal, he wound up putting the whole project in jeopardy. The television series fell through, and the New York gang carried on business as usual. 

It is in Seinfeld‘s last and final episode ever that the infamous pitch came full circle. “The Finale” began with Jerry receiving the exciting news that NBC wanted to offer Jerry a deal for his show and sent a private plane for Jerry and his friends to take a celebratory trip with. Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer decide to head off to Paris, but, naturally, things don’t go as planned. When a Kramer-induced accident caused the plane to go down in a small town in Massachusetts, the trip quite literally took a turn for the worse. While walking around looking for somewhere to kill some time and get a bite to eat, the close group of friends witnessed a carjacking. Instead of attempting to help, they got a good laugh while recording the whole incident. 

Being in a new place, Elaine, Jerry, Kramer, and George had no idea about the “Good Samaritan Law”, and because the New Yorkers chose to do nothing, they found themselves arrested. In what was considered one of the most epic episodes ever, when the group was put on trial, a slew of character witnesses from the crew and show’s past come forward to share some of the most unforgettable scenes and moments to take place on Seinfeld over the years.  “The Soup Nazi” and the old lady who Jerry stole a marbled rye from once were two of the many iconic individuals to appear in the finale. 

After taking a trip down memory lane, the episode ended with the friends being sentenced to serve one year in prison. Though some people may have found the plot of the two-part episode a bit extreme or even underwhelming, it captured the essence of Seinfeld while still having a very full-culmination moment. 

What are the most memorable episodes from ‘Seinfeld’? 

Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld | Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

With nine seasons under its belt, Seinfeld had a lot of unforgettable episodes. Fortunately, IMDb has all 173 episodes of the television series listed by rank and rating. Coming in at number one is “The Opposite”. The season 5 episode explored what happened when George decided to live his life in complete contradiction than usual. 

“The Contest” continues to be another one of Seinfeld‘s most popular episodes. In an attempt to be the masters of their chambers, Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer enter a contest together, to see who could resist sexual pleasure the longest. “The Outing”, “The Bizarro Jerry”, and “The Marine Biologist” are a few other fan-favorites. 

‘The Reunion’

In 2009, many fans and followers of Seinfeld indirectly got what so many were asking for: another ending. During Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s seventh season Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer were back on screen together once again. This probably wasn’t a huge surprise considering Larry David’s role on Curb Your Enthusiasm

In the episode that was titled “The Reunion”, George was seen trying to pick up the pieces from a divorce and losing his money in a pyramid scheme. Kramer was up to his usual antics, barging into Jerry’s apartment that looked eerily the same but slightly more contemporary. Though they didn’t appear to be a couple, the episode also revealed that Jerry and Elaine had a daughter together. In a way, the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode acted like a second finale for Seinfeld.

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