How Did Selena Gomez and Paul Rudd Become Friends?

Hollywood is home to some unlikely friends. But one of the strangest has to be the friendship between Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez. She’s all pop, and he’s a comedian. Gomez is a double threat. She started out acting on the Disney Channel, but her music is strong too. Some of her songs have become big hits. She’s also well known for being a long time on-again, off-again girlfriend of Justin Bieber. Rudd, on the other hand, is a staple of comedy features. He’s been in classics like Anchorman, and Knocked Up, with his funny friends. They seem to run with different crowds, are decades apart in age, and have different interests. So how did these two end up friends?

Selena Gomez embracing Paul Rudd
Selena Gomez and Paul Rudd | Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

Selena Gomez and Paul Rudd both starred in ‘The Fundamentals of Caring’ 

Netflix’s runaway indie hit, The Fundamentals of Caring, had a profound impact on anyone who saw it. Viewers weren’t the only ones changed by the film. The movie, which stars Rudd as a newly hired caretaker for a boy with muscular dystrophy, according to Variety. Rudd’s ward is quite the prankster, and the two go on an adventure filled with laughter as well as many healing moments. On their travels, they meet a young girl played by Gomez. She inevitably becomes the troubled love interest of Rudd’s client and joins them on their way. 

Rudd knew who Gomez was before filming the movie. However, he didn’t realize exactly how famous she was until they were together on set. “It wasn’t until we were filming and I saw thousands of people turning out to try and see her that I realized what a phenomenon she is. To see her deal with that kind of fame, I came away even more impressed with her. She’s extraordinary.”

Paul Rudd thinks Selena Gomez is incredibly talented

Since filming The Fundamentals of Caring, Rudd has joined the ranks of Gomez’s many fans. He believes she’s multitalented, and that her skills go beyond acting and singing. 

In fact, Rudd’s admiration of Gomez is pretty intense, as far as fans go. He owns a shirt with her baby picture screen printed on it. He’s worn it in front of Gomez, and they’ve been pictured together while he wears it. The whole thing is unbelievably adorable. If any celebrity friendship is #FriendshipGoals, it’s Rudd and Gomez. Despite the fact that the pop star is often linked to her BFF Taylor Swift, Rudd and Gomez have a much cuter friendship.

Selena Gomez and Paul Rudd wear matching clothes a lot 


How Selena Gomez Is Harnessing Her Fame to Help People

The shirt with Gomez’s face on it is cute, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cute outfits these two wear together. They’ve been pictured twinning in the same outfit on more than one occasion. They did an event for charity to benefit Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. They snapped a few selfies together, Rudd in his white Royal’s jersey with blue letters, and Gomez in her blue Royal’s jersey with white letters. They also had matching baseball caps. 

Then, they went bowling together and wore the same bowling shirt. They were pictured sharing a sweet moment, with Gomez putting her head on Rudd’s shoulder. They have walked red carpets and attended award shows together. They gave a speech together at the Billboard Women in Music Luncheon, and did a lot of promotion for The Fundamentals of Caring together. That included going to Sundance and sitting next to each other at the premiere. They’ve also been pictured hanging out at swanky Golden Globe after-parties. Even though they haven’t worked on a project together in a while, Gomez and Rudd still get together when they can, according to People.