How Did the ‘Below Deck Med’ Crew and Fans React to Chef Mila’s Homophobic Comments?

It was the moment that completely stunned the Below Deck Mediterranean crew and fans. Chef Mila Kolomeitseva shared her view of homosexuality and it was received with significant shock and anger.

After what could only be surmised as a challenging charter for Kolomeitseva, the crew decides to do what they do best after charter: go out on the town. Kolomeitseva’s banter with some of the crew seems to ease after tensions grew over her culinary skills.

Captain Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferrier, Aesha Scott |Photo by Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The crew splits into two vans to carry them to their on land destination. But the conversation turns to anger and frustration in Kolomeitseva’s van as she makes several declarative statements that left everyone shaking their heads.

‘I don’t want my son seeing two men kissing’

Kolomeitseva freely shares with her group of van goers that she doesn’t want to see two men kissing. Kolomeitseva is in the backseat next to deckhand Jack Stirrup who playfully lurches to the front seat and pretends to kiss deckhand Travis Michalzik. Stew Aesha Scott is next to Michalzik and laughs along.

But Kolomeitseva doubles down on her assertions after Michalzik says that she’s a classic Russian who is homophobic. Kolomeitseva tries to submit that people can do what they want in their own homes. But she doesn’t want her son to grow up seeing two men kissing each other. Furthermore, she pledges her allegiance to Russian President Vladimir Putin. and his rigid policy on not allowing Pride parades or recognizing homosexuality.

At this point, the playfulness in the van goes out the window. Scott argues with Kolomeitseva when she insists homosexuality is not normal. Meanwhile, Stirrup looks downright uncomfortable. But it is Michalzik who delivers the mic drop of the night when he tells her to stay away from him from now on. “Your opinion on gays shows your opinion on humanity, which is f**king terrible,” he says. “Sit on the opposite end of this f**king table from me. You absolute oxygen thief.”

It reflects on her

Most recently, Captain Sandy Yawn revealed to Showbiz Cheat Sheet she has finally found the love of her life. She and gospel singer Leah Shafer went public with their new relationship and both Shafer and Yawn are clearly walking on cloud nine.

But when TooFab asked Yawn how she felt about Kolomeitseva’s comments, Yawn took the high road. “So that’s her opinion. That doesn’t reflect [me]. She can have her opinion. I don’t really care. Doesn’t reflect on me. It reflects on her.”

Yawn added, “So when people take it personal, they should probably look at themselves and not point the finger at the person who said it. Doesn’t bother me! That’s her thing she has to deal with. Not mine.”

But crew and fans are taking it personally

The Internet exploded with frustrated and angry comments coming from both the Below Deck Med crew and fans. Bosun João Franco tweeted his support of Michalzik. Also, “Soooooo. I am done with the live tweeting now as every time I watch this my blood boils and I have nothing to say that won’t get me in trouble,” chief stew Hannah Ferrier tweeted.

Deckhand Colin Macy-O’Toole pointed out the irony in when the comment was delivered. “And on that note, happy pride month everyone!” Scott, who was sitting next to Michalzik in the van tweeted, “Any person in the world can kiss any other person in the world… please know that homophobia is not ANYONES position in the show!!!!” Stew Anastasia Surmava was also angry. “Just because you were raised a certain way that does not mean you have to make those opinions your own. Milas intolerance is unacceptable. Also f**k you Putin.”

Needless to say, fans were angry too. “Chef Mila says gay people aren’t normal, she supports Putin, and she is glad he doesn’t allow gay parades,” one person wrote. “F**k that homophobic fraud of a chef.” Others simply wondered how Kolomeitseva was even cast on the show. Many just called her out. “You are ignorant,” one person remarked.