How Did ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Alum Linsey Godfrey and ‘Clueless’ Star Breckin Meyer Meet?

Actor Breckin Meyer and former star of The Bold and the Beautiful, Linsey Godfrey, are the “it” couple of the moment. The two seem to be the perfect pair, as shown on their social media pages. How did the two meet?

Linsey Godfrey was previously engaged to a former ‘The Young and the Restless’ star

Linsey Godfrey and Breckin Meyer
Linsey Godfrey and Breckin Meyer | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

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In December 2013, The Young and the Restless actor, Robert Adamson took to Facebook. He announced that he and former The Bold and the Beautiful actress, Linsey Godfrey, were expecting.

By May 2014, Adamson and Godfrey were engaged. Actually, they confessed they had been since New Year’s Eve. They planned to wait until after their daughter, Aleda Seren Adamson, was born in June to plan the wedding.

On June 23, Godfrey posted the birth announcement on Twitter saying, “For all those asking, Robert and I welcomed our daughter Aleda Seren Adamson into the world last week!”

And finally, by August of 2015, Adamson and Godfrey split, but planned to co-parent Aleda.

“Actress Linsey Godfrey and her fiancé, actor Robert Adamson, have made the difficult decision to call off their engagement and separate,” B&B spokesperson confirmed to Soap Opera Digest at the time.

“They will always remain connected as they are committed to co-parenting their daughter Aleda in a loving and amicable environment and her needs will always be their common priority. They thank their fans for their support and ask that their privacy regarding this matter be respected.”

It’s unclear why the two broke off their engagement. They continue to be friends and co-parents, as they previously stated.

Breckin Meyer previously married the director of a hit movie he starred in

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Many remember Breckin Meyer from films like Clueless where he played “stoner” skater, Travis Birkenstock. Since then, he’s appeared in other projects like The Fix, Road Trip, and an animated voice in Robot Chicken (among many other credits).

The actor has a few new projects completed or in post-production slated for a 2020 release or later. Before getting together with Godfrey, Meyer married screenwriter and director, Deborah Kaplan.

They divorced in 2014 and two have two daughters together — Caitlin and Clover. Meyer played an uncredited singer in the 1998 romantic comedy, Can’t Hardly Wait, while the film marked Kaplan’s directorial debut.

By March 2018, Meyer and Godfrey posted their first public Instagram photo as an official couple.

How did Godfrey and Meyer meet?

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Even celebrities turn to dating apps to find love. Such is the case with Godfrey and Meyer. For the Hollywood elite, there’s a special app that doesn’t let in just anybody. Luckily for Godfrey and Meyer, it connected them in ways neither saw coming.

“He was away filming in Toronto, so we spent about a week chatting on FaceTime for about four hours a day,” Godfrey previously told Soaps In Depth. “By the time we actually met in person, we felt as if we had known each other forever.”

She continued: “Breckin and I are the same kind of weird. I really love who he is and his heart and how he is with my kiddo. And I adore his girls. And they all like each other, which is sweet.”

As for what the two do with their time, it’s nothing fancy.

“We’ve been known to have dinner plans and cancel them to stay in and watch a documentary or boxing on TV,” she said. “We just like being together, so it doesn’t matter what we do.”

The B&B star admitted to having a crush on Meyer from his previous roles, adding, “he’s the best.” Maybe someday Godfrey and Meyer will star in a project together, connecting their undeniable off-screen chemistry on-screen.

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