How Did Zendaya and Jacob Elordi Meet?

Hollywood stars may have higher expectations than most when it comes to getting a great meet-cute at the start of their relationships. For many, however, the story is a fairly common one: they meet while working together.

Of course, instead of sharing cute glances and blushes across the table during an office meeting, they’re often navigating developing feelings in real life even as their characters are already in established romances (or rivalries).

Starting out as friends seems to be a good recipe for a long-lasting relationship, and that’s exactly what happened for Zendaya and Jacob Elordi. The two met on set while filming for HBO’s Euphoria. Let’s take a closer look at what we know about their budding romance. 

Zendaya has a flourishing career

These days, Zendaya is making headlines for her dark and edgy characterization as Rue on Euphoria. The teen battling drug addiction is a much more serious turn for the actor, who gained her fame playing family-friendly characters on several Disney shows including K.C. Undercover and Zapped.

While many child actors have a difficult time transitioning out of their Disney roles, Zendaya showed no such signs of struggle. She moved smoothly into a stunning role in The Greatest Showman, which also showcased her considerable singing abilities. It looked like she might make the leap from the Disney shows straight into a successful music career, but she took a step back from the music scene when she realized that it wasn’t fulfilling her.

“I got worn out on music, because the industry felt like it wasn’t really for the music, and it didn’t make me happy. So I allowed myself to step away from it until that passion comes back or until I’m ready to step back into it,” Zendaya explained. 

While she left the door open to more music in the future, she seems to be squarely focused on acting, and fans are eager to see more of her more serious, complex character in Euphoria

Jacob Elordi is a rising star 

Zendaya performs in Euphoria alongside Elordi, who is a rising star in the acting world. He broke onto the scene with Netflix’s The Kissing Booth in 2018. Work on a sequel for the film is underway, Elordi is poised to grace the screen once again when the film premieres sometime in 2020.

He was romantically linked to his co-star from the film, Joey King, but the two parted ways amidst much public speculation about their relationship status back in 2019. 

Elordi’s role on Euphoria seems to have solidified his spot as a rising Hollywood star. The speculation about his love life — and his tendency to keep it a secret — continues as well. Rumors that he and Zendaya were an item were circulating as early as summer 2019, and the pair managed to keep everyone guessing as they insisted they were just close friends. In fact, he told GQ Australia in November 2019 that Zendaya is “like [his] sister.”

Zendaya and Jacob Elordi are officially together

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Zendaya | CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images

It’s unclear when the pair became an official couple. They’ve been working together since as early as 2018, but it wasn’t until February 2020 that they made their relationship status public. Both Zendaya and Elordi seem to value privacy and the chance to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight, so we might not hear much more about how their relationship is going. 

For her part, however, Zendaya seems to be quite happy with the arrangement and is pleased to be dating someone who understands the pressures and schedule of acting. She told Cardi B, who was interviewing her, that it was easier to date someone in the acting industry: “There’s just certain things in our lives that’s hard for people to understand if they don’t live it.”