How Do the BTS Members Distribute Lines for Their Songs?

Most fans are probably well aware that the members of BTS are great at different things. They all join the group with various talents and specialties. This, of course, is shown in their music, where the lines in their songs are often distributed between the members.

But how exactly does BTS go about line distribution? Here’s what the members have to say.

BTS | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SiriusXM

BTS members have different roles in the group

Performance-wise, BTS members have different positions in the group.

For example, RM, Suga, and J-Hope are mainly rappers. They usually write lyrics and compose rap parts in the songs. Meanwhile, Jin is mainly a singer who has showcased his talents in solo songs. Finally, V, Jimin, and Jungkook are all singers and dancers. (J-Hope is a skilled dancer as well.)

Like other K-pop groups, BTS also has other roles not related to music. RM, for example, is the leader, so he takes charge when necessary and often communicates for the rest of the group. Jin is a “visual,” which means he fits the Korean standard of beauty the best and his looks promoted more than the others’.

BTS members distribute lines based on who they think will fit best

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When it comes to line distribution, BTS does not have a set method. According to the group, they usually have a feeling who can fit a part best, and that is how someone will get their lines.

“For part distribution, the part naturally goes to the person that matches the best with it,” Jungkook said in a new interview with Japan’s Fanclub magazine, as reported by Koreaboo.

Jin added, “All our members have distinct voices, so depending on the style of the song; it goes to the person that matches the vibe the best.”

After many years together, BTS has created an open line of communications between the members. As such, they can work out any differences that arise.

“Even if we are going through something personal, we all discuss about the issue together. That is how we can come to a decision faster and create a deeper bond with one another,” Jungkook shared.

J-Hope previously shared that the members don’t have ‘greed’ when it comes to distributing parts

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In an interview from 2018, J-Hope also assured fans that the BTS members don’t usually have “greed” when it comes to getting parts.

“If we think that the person responsible for a certain part has the right voice for it, then that person will put in all their efforts to bring the best for that part,” J-Hope said. “Honestly, our members don’t really have any big greed towards certain parts, so part distribution just comes naturally to the right members.”

Despite all of this, not every fan is happy with BTS’s line distribution. For example, their latest single, “Dynamite,” has had a number of fans complaining, especially since Jin and BTS’s rappers got very little parts.