How ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Alum Ray Romano Came To the Rescue for Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton is one of television’s most famous sitcom moms. Starring in two hit comedies – Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle – Heaton portrayed a mother for nine seasons on each show.

With four sons of her own in real life with husband David Hunt, Heaton revealed how her former co-star and TV spouse Ray Romano helped her get back in her youngest son’s good graces.

Patricia Heaton
Patricia Heaton | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Patricia Heaton forgot an important date

As an established celebrity and mom of four, Heaton has a lot to keep on track. In a previous interview with Kelly Clarkson, Heaton was explaining that she gave up drinking alcohol several years ago to keep her mind sharp. Ironically, she discovered her plan may not be working as well as she had hoped.

“The other night I get a text from my youngest son [Dan] and he says, “Well Happy Birthday to me, I guess,'” the Everybody Loves Raymond alum shared. “And I realized that not only was it his birthday, it was his 21st birthday.”

Thankfully, Heaton came up with a plan to smooth things over with her birthday boy.

“I felt so so bad,” Heaton recalled. “I started texting every celebrity friend that I have.”

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Ashley Tisdale helps out her former cast mate

The former sitcom star sent a plea to some famous friends in the hopes they could help her save face with her son.

“I gave them Dan’s phone number and I said, ‘Please, will you text my son Dan,'” Heaton explained. “‘It’s his 21st birthday. I forgot. Please just text him, wish him happy birthday, tell him I’m a terrible parent.'”

Her former Carol’s Second Act co-star came through in a pinch, which helped Heaton’s son score some points with his college buddies.

“Dan was very impressed. First of all, his roommates in college were very impressed that Ashley Tisdale was texting him,” Heaton revealed. “She was having a conversation with him. She told me later her husband said, ‘Who are you texting?’ and she said, ‘A bunch of college boys.'”

Ray Romano goes the extra mile

The icing on the birthday cake came from Heaton’s previous onscreen husband from Everybody Loves Raymond.

“The best one was Ray Romano,” she told Clarkson. “He sent Dan a video, and then he sent it to me, and it’s really funny.”

Heaton had the clip to show viewers, where Romano is apparently in a crowded venue but took the time to send some humorous birthday wishes to his former co-star’s son.

“Hey Dan, I know it’s a little noisy,” Romano said in the video. “I understand it’s your 21st birthday, according to my calendar. I guess your parents don’t have the same calendar that I do. But I keep track of things. So Happy 21st Birthday!”

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Heaton also spoke to Clarkson about her book My Second Act, which came out in July. The project is clearly very close to her heart.

“I’m embarking on what I call my second act,” The Middle alum said, according to People. “For me, handing everything over to God changed my life. I’ve gone up and down many different paths. Looking back, I see how the seed for my second act was clearly planted in my first act. I think you’ll find the same is true for you, too.”

My Second Act is now on sale.