How Faith Evans Musical Skills Helped Her Catch Biggie Cheating

Faith Evans and Biggie Smalls’ relationship will always be a legendary hip hop tale. The two were the royal couple of their era. Evans told their love story on the Jan. 10 episode of Lifetime’s docuseries Hopelessly In Love.

While their marriage will forever be cherished, it was also one riddled with infidelity. Evans detailed how she used her skills in music to discover that her husband was unfaithful. 

Notorious B.I.G.
Notorious B.I.G. | Chris Walter/WireImage

How Faith Evans and Biggie Smalls met

The two met on the set of a photoshoot for Bad Boy Records. She gave the rapper a ride home after the shoot and he called her. According to their mutual friend, stylist Misa Hylton, he knew from the moment he saw her that Evans would be his wife.

“I don’t play when I see something I want, I just take that, lock that down, cause I know this is going to be the power right there,” an audio of Biggie speaking about Evans reveals the rapper said. “Me and honey is just dangerous.”

They married just a few weeks after their initial meeting to the surprise of their friends and family. Biggie was only 21 years old when he and Evans married and their immaturity showed pretty early in their relationship.

Faith Evans says her ear for music helped her to figure out Biggie was cheating 

Not that she gives Biggie any passes for his infidelities, but Evans attributes much of the problems in their relationship to both of them being young. His star was also on the rise and he found success quickly with his first album, Ready to Die. While Evans focused on trying to create a home with her new husband for their blended family, Biggie’s obligations were on the road, which left plenty of room for temptation. 

Biggie’s crew admitted that he was unfaithful from the start. Evans didn’t have her suspicions until a suspicious phone call she overheard between her husband and someone else.

“My ears are golden, let me just tell you,” Evans declares. “Un to this very day, Un Rivera, always laughs at the fact that I recognized the tones on the dial pad and dialed this girl’s number back.” 

Rivera, who was Biggie’s business partner, confirmed Evans’ interesting way of discovering Biggie cheated.

She pressed redial on the phone and she listened to the tone that played back and found each number from the tone,” he said. “Who sows that? Who has that ability to be able to say that was a four, no that’s seven.”

Faith Evans details learning of Biggie’s relationship with Lil’ Kim

Evans was introduced to Kim by her husband as she was one of his artists and a member of the Junior Mafia clique. 

“My first impression of Kim was that she was cool,” Evans recalled. “I’m not insecure and not the type of woman who I feel like if my man is next to another woman that I need to be…I’m just not like that.” 

With that in mind, Evans paid the working relationship between Kim and Biggie no attention. Evans and Kim even developed a friendship of sorts, which Biggie encouraged.

While Evans was blind, Biggie’s entire inner circle was well aware of his affair with Kim. In fact, they say he began dating her before he met and married Evans. Their relationship continued even after he and Evans tied the knot.

“To really be real, he was in love with Faith and he was in love with Kim,” said Lil Cease is Biggie’s crew Junior Mafia. “But Faith was his wife.”

The infidelities of Biggie pushed Evans away and they eventually separated. Evans said that she had an inkling that he and Kim were having dealings after she did a radio interview on Wendy Williams’ show and spoke about their marriage.

“She got on the radio and was comfortable enough to say that Big and I were not wearing wedding rings. I just felt like that’s really out of bounds,” she said of Kim. “Even though she didn’t get on there and say, ‘We’re together,’ she said, ‘That’s my baby,’ and it was enough to tell something was going on.”

Evans was shocked and confronted Biggie about her gut feeling that he and Kim were seeing each other and he didn’t deny it. She felt both stupid and embarrassed. Evans said that was the last straw for her. 

She detailed three physical fights she and Kim were in as a result of her affair with Biggie, including finding her in Biggie’s home and another in a recording studio. 

Biggie’s relationship with Kim continued until his death in 1997, despite a brief reconciliation between Evans and Biggie. Evans now says she has no hard feelings towards Kim. They toured together during the 2017 Bad Boy Reunion tour.