‘How I Met Your Father’: How Old Is Hilary Duff’s Sophie?

Now that Hilary Duff‘s How I Met Your Father trailer has officially dropped, all fans can talk about is how much it reminds them of a grown-up Lizzie McGuire — and we’re all here for it. The down-to-earth spinoff of How I Met Your Mother introduces us to Sophie and a whole new host of funny friends to binge-watch in 2022. 

Before its January 18, 2022 premiere, dive into our fun facts about who Sophie is and how old she is, how this compares to Duff in real-life, and everything you need to know about the older version of Sophie (the iconic Kim Cattrall!).  

Sophie’s age on ‘How I Met Your Father’ isn’t the same as Ted’s

Just like Ted Mosby, Sophie takes viewers back to a time when she leaned on her friends for support and searched high and low for the love of her life. There’s a bunch of shenanigans and fun times, as well as falling in love and getting her heartbroken. Unlike Ted, however, her story doesn’t begin at 27. 

Instead, it all begins at a very significant milestone in one’s life — when she turned 30. 

This giveaway is supported by the scene that pops up in just nine seconds into the How I Met Your Father trailer on YouTube. In the scene, Sophie is stopped in her tracks when her friends yell out ‘surprise!’ for her birthday.

Behind them, two balloons are making the number 30 on the door and birthday signs in the back reading, “Talk thirty to me” and “Dirty 30.” 

Hilary Duff’s real-life ‘How I Met Your Father’ story

Hilary Duff sitting in front of beige background
Hilary Duff | Sarah Morris/Getty Images

Although Sophie is just now embarking on her journey in her 30s, Duff has had experience in this area for nearly four years now. At 34, she is now married to her second husband, Matthew Koma (her first husband was Mike Comrie from 2019 to 2016), and has three kids. 

With Comrie, she had Luca Cruz, who is nine now. With now-husband Koma, she has had two more kids — Banks Violet Bair, three years old, and Mae James Bair, just under one. 

Luca’s dad, Comrie, started dating Duff when she was 19, married at 22, and divorced five years later amid a sexual assault allegation and publication made about Comrie asking multiple women to sleep with him. 

Duff’s love story with Koma, on the other hand, is still going strong as they enter their third year of marriage. According to US Weekly, it all started with an immediate connection in the studio when her 2015 album Breathe In. Breathe Out was being recorded. According to their source, “They had great chemistry [and] Hilary thinks Matt is very talented and cute.”

Today they’re one of the cutest couples in the industry, and they look happier than ever. 

Meet Kim Cattrall — the older version of Sophie

Although the original How I Met Your Mother never showed the audience older Ted’s narrating voice (Bob Saget), it seems the new spinoff will be taking a different route. And we’re beyond excited. 

In just the trailer of How Met Your Father, we have already been introduced to Cattrall as the older version of Sophie with a peak at more than just her voice in the background. What does this mean? It means we will likely be seeing the amazing Cattrall in many more HIMYF scenes!

So, where have you seen her before?

The 65-year-old actor has been in the industry since her debut in 1975’s Rose Bud as Joyce Donnovan. She has since become an icon, taking on notable roles such as Lt. Valeris in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Caroline in Crossroads, and of course — Samantha Jones in Sex and the City

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