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Rapper Future whose real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn might have made his mark in the music industry, but it’s his personal life that always seems to make the headlines. The Atlanta native is constantly in the news for his baby mama drama, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Future first began rising the ranks of the music industry in 2010 when he released a series of mixtapes.

However, his 2012 debut Pluto and his 2014 follow up Honest, solidified him as a top rapper-songwriter. In 2013, he also began dating and got engaged to singer/dancer Ciara. Though they welcomed a child together, a son named Future, their relationship fizzled due to infidelity on the part of the rapper.

Baby Future was the rapper’s fourth child so how many children does the rapper have and with how many different women?

Future more than likely has eight children

Until recently, most fans knew that Future probably had seven children with seven different women. These women are Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, singer Ciara, Joie Chavis, possibly a woman named Cindy Parker, and a woman that has chosen not to be identified. Now, with confirmation from the DNA test, it has been proven that Eliza Reign is the eighth woman to have Future’s eighth child. 

On  Mother’s Day 2020, Future gave a shoutout to all of the mothers of his children except for Reign and Parker on Twitter.

Eight children with eight different women

Though the women in Future’s life don’t seem to have an issue with one another, they do seem to have quite a few problems with Future. In 2016, Smith sued the rapper for failing to pay child support. She claimed that their son “suffers from emotional and behavioral issues stemming from Future’s neglect as a father.” Ciara also sued the “Jumpan” rapper for defamation, slander, and libel following the demise of their relationship.

In 2019, Reign sued Future for paternity, child support, and custody. She asked for support of $53,000 monthly, based on the rapper’s income. To counter her claim, the rapper tried to sue Reign for “tremendous emotional distress” claiming she had “turned his world upside down.” A judge threw out the rapper’s claim.

During her pregnancy, Reign claimed that Future threatened her when she told him she was pregnant. According to Wendy Williams, “Eliza claimed that Future wanted her to have an abortion and when she allegedly refused, Future allegedly put a bounty out on her life.”

When the rumors around Reign’s pregnancy hit the press, Future posted a cryptic video to Instagram saying, “It’s an evil world we live in, but hey, I’m going to keep living and loving life. I love my fans the most.” Now, a DNA test has confirmed with 99.9% accuracy that Future is the father of Reign’s daughter making her the eighth woman to have his eighth child.