How Many Episodes Is ‘Lisey’s Story’?

Lisey’s Story premiered with two riveting episodes on June 4. The Stephen King series has fans hooked, and it leaves many wondering how many episodes of Lisey’s Story they’ll get. 

Julianne Moore in the Apple TV series 'Lisey's Story'
Julianne Moore in the Apple TV series ‘Lisey’s Story’ | Apple TV

So how many episodes of ‘Lisey’s Story’ can fans expect? 

Lisey’s Story is a miniseries based on King’s 2006 award-winning novel. The show, which is available exclusively on Apple TV, will air with a total of eight episodes. 

The first two dropped on June 4. And Apple TV will release new episodes weekly, on Fridays. The series finale is scheduled to air on Friday, July 16.

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Stephen King wrote each episode of ‘Lisey’s Story’ himself 

Plenty of King’s popular works have made it to TV and film. In the last two years alone, we’ve gotten a reboot of The Stand on CBS, HBO’s adaptation of The Outsider, and the King-inspired Hulu series Castle Rock

But there is one thing that sets Lisey’s Story apart from the rest. For starters, it is based on his favorite book. And because of that, King made sure to write each episode of the series himself. 

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He served as an executive producer on most of his prior TV and film projects. But with Lisey’s Story, he put on his screenwriter hat to make sure the show told his story in the exact way he wanted. 

Lisey’s Story is my favorite,” King said in an Apple TV featurette for the series. “It always has been. At its core, this is a love story. Lisey is a different thing for me. It’s very close to my heart.”

“I wanted to tell the story that was in the book, but I wanted to make it better,” the author added. “I thought if somebody was going to mess it up, I used to tell my wife, nobody is going to mess it up but me.”

Stephen King also wrote the blueprints for each day on set

King’s hands-on approach to Lisey’s Story didn’t just end with the script. The author worked closely alongside director Pablo Larraín and wrote out blueprints for each day of filming. 

“I was thrilled about the idea, partly because the story was so unique and potent, and partly because it meant so much to Stephen,”  producer JJ Abrams told TV Line when recalling how King approached him about the project. “He explained that he wanted to write every episode himself, which was an incredible relief and opportunity because I knew that no one would be better to do that, of course, than the man who wrote the book himself.”

“To write every episode of this piece was really an indication of how much he cared,” Abrams continued. “He was writing the actual blueprints for every day on set. He and [director] Pablo [Larraín] had great collaboration, but this was a Stephen King authored piece, so that was terrific.”