How Many Episodes Is ‘This Is Us’ Season 6? NBC Won’t Shake Up the Schedule for the Last Chapter

On Jan. 4, NBC will drop the This Is Us Season 6 premiere, which marks the beginning of the end for the hit series. The sixth season is expected to be the show’s last. So how many episodes are in This Is Us Season 6? Here’s everything we know about the show’s schedule in 2022.

How many episodes is ‘This Is Us’ Season 6 and the total episode count for the series?

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A typical This Is Us season is 18 episodes long. But the fifth season ended with merely 16. So what can fans expect for the sixth and final season? 18. Ahead of the This Is Us Season 6 premiere on Jan. 4, director Ken Olin hinted that there are 18 episodes left in the series. 

“Beginning tonight, the last 18 episodes of @NBCThisisUs

 are going to be incredibly emotional,” Olin wrote on Twitter. “I’m talking all the feels. Hugely. Blame @Dan_Fogelman.”

This means This Is Us will have a total episode count of 106 episodes after the series finale.

The ‘This Is Us’ Season 6 schedule

Mandy Moore as Rebecca and Milo Ventimiglia as Jack dancing in ‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Episode 1
Mandy Moore as Rebecca and Milo Ventimiglia as Jack in ‘This Is Us’ Season 6 | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

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When speaking with E! News in September, actor Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack Pearson, revealed that This Is Us Season 6 schedule will be largely uninterrupted. 

“Sometimes the show will be on for, like, two episodes and it’s off for three weeks and it’s on for four and then it’s off for seven weeks. No, this is straight through just about 18 episodes, which is kind of remarkable,” Ventimiglia said. “So I think that’s something to look forward to.”

Meanwhile, it seems like the This Is Us star was telling fans the truth. Season 6 will take a quick break for the 2022 Winter Olympics after the Feb. 1 episode. But NBC confirmed This Is Us will return with episode 6 on Feb. 22. 

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Although This Is Us is ending after the sixth season, NBC did not cancel the show. Previously, creator Dan Fogelman hinted that he had a plan to wrap the Pearsons’ story after season 6. Then after the network confirmed the final season of This Is Us, Fogelman thanked NBC for allowing the writers to end the show as they “always intended.”

“While sad to have just 1 season left, also grateful to NBC for letting us end the show how, and when, we always intended,” Fogelman wrote on Twitter in May 2021. “We’ll work hard to stick the landing.  #ThisIsUs.”

Then more recently, Fogelman spoke with Entertainment Weekly and shared that the writers “have the right ending” for This Is Us. So it seems like they’re confident they stuck the landing. Fogelman said:

My hope was that it would feel like the end of one of those sprawling family saga novels that those of us who are readers, who like those kind of books and go on an adventure with a group of people through a couple of generations, close the book and finally take that three seconds and go, “Wow. Well done.” And then close the book. So I do think it’s going to feel like that, closing a final chapter. I do think after a lot of ambition in the season, I think it will feel really simple.

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