How Many Kids Did Hugh Hefner Have and Who Are They?

When you think of Hugh Hefner, you probably envision the man himself, surrounded by his famous “bunnies,” with a luxury robe, cigar in hand, and Cheshire grin. But there’s more the legendary Playboy icon.

Hugh Marston Hefner entered the world on April 9, 1926, and carved out a life of fame and fortune as the publisher of Playboy magazine. He died on September 27, 2017, with his passing made headlines globally. Looking back on a life well-lived, you may wonder about Hefner’s family life. How many times had he married? And how many Hefner children are out there? We explored to find out more.

Hugh Hefner, the legendary Playboy icon

Hugh Hefner didn’t just create an adult-themed magazine. He revolutionized the men’s entertainment industry as a whole. Playing a pivotal role in the sexual revolution of the ’60s, Playboy turned into an international phenomenon and enterprise. The first issue of Playboy officially hit the stands in 1953 and featured a sultry Marilyn Monroe. And it would prove to be the beginning of something greater.

Expanding on his brand and image, Hugh Hefner defined his magazine, and himself, as a “frisky and playful” man behind controversial sensibilities, according to the depiction in Biography. By the ’70s, Hefner was living in his Playboy Mansion West in sunny California.

Over his career, he dabbled in several projects and appearances, including a starring role in the E! reality TV series, The Girls Next Door. Hefner became an urban sophisticate, surrounded by young and beautiful women all dressed to represent the iconic silhouette bunny logo. Upon his death, it’s said Hefner’s net worth was anywhere from $15-$45 million.

How many kids did Hugh Hefner have?

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and his son Cooper Hefner sit on a couch during a Playboy Mansion party in 2014
(L-R) Hugh Hefner and his son Cooper Hefner at a Playboy Mansion party in 2014 | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Playboy

Hugh Hefner fathered four children from two of his previous marriages. The eldest is Christie, born in 1952. She and her brother David, born in 1955, were products of Hefner’s first marriage to Mildred Williams.

Hefner also had two younger sons from his second marriage, to 1989 Playmate of the Year Kimberly Conrad. Marston Hefner was born in 1990, and the baby of the family, Cooper, was born in 1001. So, where are the Hefner children today, and are any of them taking up the Playboy torch for their father?

What Hugh Hefner’s children are doing now

The Sun offers a look at each of the Hefner children and where they are now. Christie graduated from Brandeis University in 1974 with her bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature. In 1982, she accepted the role of Playboy Enterprises President. In 1988, she became CEO and chairman of the board. After roughly two decades at the helm, she stepped down from her position in 2009.

David went the film route and attended the University of California Santa Cruz. Unlike his sister Christie, he carved his own career path independent of his father’s empire and instead launched a computer consulting firm. He continued to pursue film, winning a few awards with his first independent venture, Forgotten Pills.

Marston lived much of his younger life at the Playboy Mansion. He ran into a little trouble as an adult. In 2012, he was arrested for having attacked his girlfriend and Playmate of the Year, Claire Sinclair, as TMZ reports. Marston’s Twitter bio says he’s written a zombie book and is a “writer and backgammon.”

Cooper followed his oldest siblings’ college pursuits path and graduated from Chapman University in 2015. During college, he started working for Playboy Enterprises. By 2016, he launched his media startup company, Hop. Upon Hugh Hefner’s death, Cooper took the reins of the company, with intentions of transitioning the brand to appeal to a new and younger generation. 

Daily Mail reported in 2017 that while Cooper took over the enterprise, the Hefner estate would be split between all four children. Despite the magazine’s continued success today, no one has emerged as big as the iconic legend that Hugh Hefner was.

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