How Many Kids Does DaBaby Have?

It’s been a whirlwind year for rapper DaBaby, who dropped two albums in 2019 and another in 2020. He has quickly rose to the position of one of the hottest rappers in the industry right now, seemingly coming out of nowhere. He’s delivering incredible performances at live shows, captivating audiences, and stunning fans with his creative lyrics. 

He’s spent the last year giving numerous interviews to entertainment giants like Rolling Stone. His songs are topping the charts, and he spent the entire summer at No. 1. Unfortunately, the talented musician also has a habit of run-ins with the police and lately was accused of fathering a child while he was cheating on his girlfriend. Whatever may be happening in his personal life, it doesn’t seem to be affecting his popularity with his fans. 

DaBaby on stage, looking down
DaBaby | Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Who is DaBaby?

Jonathan Lyndale Clark (a.k.a. DaBaby) was born in Cleveland and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, according to USA Today. He attended the University of North Carolina for two years before dropping out. He was previously known as Baby Jesus, before he made his big break with the 2019 album Baby On Baby

That hit album was quickly followed by another, Kirk, and then Blame It On Baby in 2020. He received two nominations–best rap performance and best song–at the 62nd Grammy Awards. The rapper’s biggest hit to date is “Rockstar”, which made No. 1 on the Billboard charts back in June. It reigned at the top of the charts for the rest of the summer. DaBaby also released a Black Lives Matter remix of “Rockstar” after George Floyd’s death. 

A Rolling Stone article praised DaBaby’s talent, saying “what has become his calling card is a staccato, precise, and brutal rapping style, a syllable-crushing force delivered with such forward momentum it often gives the illusion that he starts rapping before the beat begins.” In addition to DaBaby’s unique rapping style, Rolling Stone calls attention to his charisma, humor, and larger-than-life persona. 

Even before he got his big break, DaBaby carried himself like a star. He frequented the local clubs decked out in designer labels with the air of someone very important. He recalls that he wasn’t interested in being a local star, telling The Guardian, “The idea of being a locally famous rapper was never real to me. I was immediately trying to get on the same charts as Drake.”

Does he have a criminal history?

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Late in 2018, DaBaby was involved in a fatal shooting in Walmart while shopping with his daughter, his ex-girlfriend, and her son, reports the Charlotte Observer. He alleges that 19-year-old Jalyn Domonique Craig pulled a gun on himself and his family, and he retaliated in self-defense. DaBaby was found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon. 

At the end of 2019, DaBaby was arrested for marijuana possession after a show in Charlotte, according to TMZ. He later claimed on social media that the cops were harassing him again, saying they do it every time he returns to that city. Earlier this year, the rapper was arrested in a robbery investigation and charged with battery in connection. When DaBaby appeared in court, he was held without bond because of an arrest warrant in Texas. 

How many kids does he have? 

In 2017, DaBaby’s had his first child with ex-girlfriend MeMe. He has also helped to raise her son from a previous relationship. Recently, DaBaby had another child with an anonymous woman, according to Complex. MeMe took to social media to expose the rapper’s deceitful, cheating ways, but he insists that the couple was broken up when this baby was conceived. DaBaby refused to comment further on the situation, citing that he protects his children’s privacy above all else.