How Many Kids Does Rosario Dawson Have?

Rosario Dawson is an acclaimed actor who has featured in great movies alongside celebrities with high accolades. Dawson is best known for her Star Wars role, Ahsoka Tano, in the second season of The Mandalorian which aired in 2019. 

How many kids does Rosario Dawson have?

Dawson has one daughter, Lola Dawson, whom she adopted at age 17 but had been caring for since Lola was 11. Dawson and her family knew Lola’s biological mother. When they found out Lola was in foster care, they looked for her and took her in. In an interview with Health Magazine, Dawson stated that the first time she opened her doors to young Lola, she knew they were meant to be family. 

What drove Dawson to explore fostering and adoption?

When Dawson was around the age of 5, she found out that her dad was not her biological father. Even as years went by, Dawson never got to know her biological father, Patrick Harris. Although he died in 2011, Dawson never had a relationship with him.

The news about her adoption was a lot for Dawson to take in at age 5. She remembers thinking, what if her parents hadn’t met when they did? What if her mom couldn’t get married because she had an older child? In that comment, young Dawson said that when she grew up, she would adopt an older child. Her manifestation came to be when she took in Lola.

Lola gets fatherly love from her grandfather, Greg Dawson. The entire Dawson family have showered Lola with a lot of love and affection without any discrimination or reservation. 

Rosario Dawson and Lola have a very close bond. Their relationship grows stronger every year as Lola grows and matures. Since the adoption, Dawson has had a standing therapy appointment for her daughter to help her navigate the struggles of teenage life. Dawson also attends weekly sessions with Lola to help them work through triggers.

In an interview with the podcast Morado Lens, Dawson revealed that she was a victim of child abuse. Having dealt with childhood trauma, she said she still experiences anxiety. Seeing how well therapy has worked for her daughter, she’s considering getting her own therapist to help her deal with anxiety issues.

How has Rosario Dawson’s acting career fared?

Rosario Dawson smiling in front of a white background
Rosario Dawson | Bonnie Biess/Getty Images

Dawson made her debut in the independent drama, Kids at age 15. That would be her big break after being discovered by director Larry Clark. She played a promiscuous teen in a controversial film about urban youth. Since then, Dawson has gone on to play a diverse range of characters, making a name for herself in Hollywood. 

Dawson has won a total of 10 awards and 38 nominations, the most famous being her role in the musical, Rent which earned her the Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress. In an interview with MTV, Dawson described her role in Rent as her dream role, for which she still gets recognition. Her incredible performance would make her a household name, opening doors to more opportunities.

What Has Lola Dawson Been up to Lately?

Much of Lola’s life has been kept private by her mother, Dawson, who wishes for it to remain so. With Lola turning 18, perhaps she’ll want to lead a more public life, but we don’t know for sure.

Being a celebrity child, and having such a close relationship with her mother, there’s no doubt that great things lie ahead of Lola’s future.

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