How Many Tattoos Does Drake Have?

Drake is not one to shy away from showcasing the things he loves the most on his skin.

The rapper has a wide variety of tattoos ranging from intricate portraits of his favorite people to special symbols that have deep meanings.

Drake | CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images

While the rapper’s collection has steadily grown over the years, all of ink has an emotional connection to his life and he is no where near ending his tattoo journey.

The rapper has more than 30 tattoos

One of the main reasons why people get tattoos is to honor or commemorate something or individuals that mean the most to them.

Whether it’s a special quote or a portrait, people are known for letting their creative juices flow when it comes time to pick a tattoo.

When it comes to Drake, there are a lot of things the rapper has gotten tattooed on his body and he is continuing to grow his collection.

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While the rapper isn’t one to get exceptionally large ink on his body, he is known for getting small, yet meaningful tattoos that are special to him.

Over the years, Drake has gotten a fair share of portrait tattoos that are of people who have made an impact in his life.

One of his biggest inked portraits is of fellow rapper, Lil Wayne, who Drake has been very close with throughout the years and has been his main support system since the beginning of his career.

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In addition to the rapper, Drake also has celebrities such as late singer Aaliyah, Denzel Washington, Sade, Rihanna, and OVO Affiliate Anthony Fif tattooed on his body.

While these celebrities have made quite the impact in Drake’s life, the rapper also has tattoo portraits of a few family member.

With most of his family tattoos on his back, the Grammy winner has intricate portraits of his mother, grandmother, and his uncle Steve, who the rapper has and always will have immense love for.

He also has a small portrait of his father’s mugshot on the back of his upper right arm.

Aside from his portrait ink, Drake also has many tattoos that pay tribute to his hometown of Toronto, Canada.

From the city’s area code tattooed on his right torso to the iconic CN Tower inked on his right bicep, the rapper definitely isn’t afraid to show that he is a proud Canadian.

The rapper wants to add a Céline Dion tattoo to his collection

From intricate portraits of fellow celebrities to inspiring messages, the rapper’s tattoo collection continues to grow and he is looking to add some more special ink to his body.

This time, the hitmaker is looking to get fellow Canadian star, Céline Dion, tattooed on his left ribcage.

Back in 2017, the rapper confessed his desire for this tattoo and even shared his plans with Dion herself.

Drake and Celine Dion
Drake and Céline Dion | Kevin Mazur/BBMA2017/Getty Images

After meeting the singer at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, he told her during their behind-the-scenes meet and greet, “I’m like a year away from a Céline tat.”

Although many of us can’t blame Drake for wanting to honor this amazing songstress with permanent ink, Dion would much rather he didn’t.

During a recent video interview with iHeartRadio Canada, the singer begged the “God’s Plan” rapper not to follow through with his tattoo plans.

“Please Drake, I love you very much,” the singer said, staring directly at the camera. “Can I tell you something? Don’t do that.”

“You can write me love letters, you can send me autographs for my kids, you can come and visit,” she continued. “I can have you home for lunch or dinner… we can go for a drink. We can sing together. Whatever you want to do. I can talk to your mother — whatever you want! But please…”

According to the singer, the tattoo won’t look as good on Drake’s skin after a few years have passed.

“As time goes… as you go older,” she said. “You too, when the time comes… my face will go longer and it will go not prettier.”

The singer concluded her plea by suggesting an alternative route the rapper could take if he is still adamant on getting her face tattooed on him.

“So please don’t tattoo,” she said. “If you do it, just do a fake one so you can change your mind.”