How Many Times Has Trisha Yearwood Been Married?

Trisha Yearwood is a country icon. It’s not just her songs that fans love. Her relationship with fellow country legend Garth Brooks is #RelationshipGoals. Yearwood and Brooks seem to have an enviable relationship. The two seem stable and loving. But they both had their fair share of failed relationships before getting together. Both Brooks and Yearwood have been married before. 

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Trisha Yearwood has been married 3 times 

According to The List, Yearwood has been married a total of three times, including her marriage to her current hubby Brooks. Yearwood was married and divorced twice before marrying Brooks.

Her first marriage lasted five years. Yearwood and her music producer husband, Christopher Latham, gave it the old college try, but things didn’t work out. Maybe because Yearwood was still in college when they got married. She hadn’t started her singing career. When she did, Yearwood realized her career was more important to her than her marriage, and things fell apart. 

Her second husband was also in music. Yearwood married bassist Robert Reynolds. Again, her marriage lasted just about five years. Yearwood doesn’t about her previous marriages often and Yearwood has said she never wanted to get divorced from either husband, but things just didn’t work out. 

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have been together for 15 years 

Brooks and Yearwood have broken her previous five-year record. Both admit that marriage isn’t easy, but they’ve found a way to make things work. They met all the way back in 1987. Both were married to other people at the time. Yearwood was a year into her first marriage to Latham, and Brooks was married to Sandy Mahl. 

The two started dating in 2002, shortly after Mahl and Brooks divorced. Yearwood was single at the time, a few years after her divorce from Reynolds. Even though they’d been friends for more than a decade, the two took things relatively slowly. They didn’t get married until 2005, and they’re still going strong more than 15 years later. 

For his part, Brooks thinks that he and Yearwood got together at just the right time, even though they knew each other for so long beforehand. He told Fox News that “If we would have gotten married back in the late ’80s I don’t think our marriage would have survived the ’90s or our careers would not be what they were.” 

How many kids do Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks have?

Yearwood doesn’t have any kids of her own from her two previous marriages. However, she is a hands-on stepmother. Brooks has three children with his ex-wife Mahl, and he had to learn to be a single dad quickly after the two divorced. Yearwood helped him with that. Brooks took a break from his career in the early 2000s to help raise his kids. The one problem was he had no idea what he was doing. Brooks had been on the road for so long, he didn’t really know how to be Mr. Dad around the house. 

Of course, Yearwood didn’t know what she was doing either. According to Brooks, “It was good, [Trisha] helped me out a lot. She didn’t have children either, so we were kind of the blind leading the blind.” Even though she had no idea how to be a stepmom, Yearwood figured it out. Brooks credits her influence as one of the reasons his kids are who they are today. 

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