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With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding now over, the former actress is settling into her new life as a royal. But before she married into the famous family, she received “princess-in-training” lessons consisting of everything from learning how to curtsy to life-saving tactics she can use in the event that she is ever kidnapped.

Here’s more on the special hostage training Markle received, plus a look at some of the rules she must follow and the things she had to give up.

No selfies with fans

Meghan looks up at a phone during a selfie.
She might have to disappoint a few fans. | Meghan Markle via Instagram

This rule may not be set in stone, but taking selfies with fans is something the royals typically do not do. Therefore, Markle may have to turn down any picture requests she gets from the public.

Lainey Gossip noted that the new royal already explained to some fans that she is unable to take any snaps. During a walk at Nottingham, a fan asked for a photo with her and she said, “We’re not allowed.”

The same goes for autographs, mainly because the royals simply wouldn’t have the time to get to everyone.