How Miranda Lambert Travels With Her Pets, ‘Including a Baby Deer and a Mini Horse’

It’s no secret that Miranda Lambert loves animals. The country singer has her own organization called MuttNation Foundation which is dedicated to helping shelter animals across the U.S. Lambert also lives on a farm with her husband Brendan McLoughlin. In an interview with the Best of US99 podcast, Lambert went into detail about all of her pets.

Miranda Lambert attends the 2022 Time 100 Gala
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Miranda Lambert has multiple pets on her farm

It’s nearly impossible to keep up with the number of pets Lambert has because she is always adopting new ones.

In April, Lambert shared photos of her rescue animals on social media. The post named her five dogs Thelma, Louise, Delta Dawn, Cher, and Bellamy, along with her cats Tequila and Macaroni.

Lambert went on to adopt a new cat named Ravioli and a new horse named Cowboy in June. This brings Lambert’s estimated number of pets to five dogs, three cats, six horses, plus multiple goats, rabbits, and chickens.

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What is Miranda Lambert’s miniature horse’s name?

On Aug. 8, the Best of US99 podcast published an interview with Lambert. In the interview, Lambert revealed that she occasionally travels with some of her dogs on a bus while touring. The country singer also shared that “a baby deer and a mini horse” have been on the bus too.

“I usually do have my pets on this bus,” Lambert said.

When asked how many of her pets she travels with, Lambert replied, “Just three dogs… I’ve had other stuff on here before. Like including a baby deer and a mini horse.”

Speaking on the Best of US99 podcast, Lambert revealed that her miniature horse’s name is Sugar Pie.

“My mini horse, her name is Sugar Pie. And I won her at an auction for my own charity. Because my dad bid on her, and I didn’t give him a cap so he just kept on raising his hand. And then $2000 later he’s like ‘I got you something.’ I was like ‘What?’ And he brings her up here on the bus. So yes, I’ve carried around some animals,” Lambert recounted.

On the podcast, Lambert also briefly discussed her newest adopted horse, Cowboy.

“I have six now, I just got a new one. You know, people say ‘Here’s your free horse.’ Nothing’s free. He’s awesome though,” said Lambert.

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Miranda Lambert lives on a farm with her husband

While Sugar Pie being on a bus was a rare occasion, Lambert cannot travel with all of her pets at one time. In order to support her love of animals, Lambert lives on a farm with McLoughlin in Nashville, Tennessee.

Before moving to Nashville with Lambert, McLoughlin was an NYPD officer in New York City. In an interview with People Magazine, Lambert shared what it’s been like for McLoughlin to adjust to living on her farm.

“He jumped right into this lifestyle — there’s a learning curve taking a New Yorker straight to the woods — but it was a big laugh,” Lambert told People Magazine.

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