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Rick and Morty, the irreverent, smart, funny, decidedly strange show is a huge hit. In fact, it’s the biggest success Adult Swim has ever seen.

When the show went on an extra-long, two-year hiatus between seasons 3 and 4, fans were anxious to see it safely returned to the air. Well, it’s back, and what’s even better is that it was renewed for another seven seasons.

Viewers can happily settle in to enjoy years of clever writing from the show’s creators, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

What are the rewards Roiland and Harmon are enjoying from creating such a popular series? How much are they worth at this point in their careers?

The show will go on

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Rick and Morty | Cartoon Network

When the news spread that Rick and Morty had been renewed for 70 more episodes, fans everywhere rejoiced. Once the future of the show was safe, Harmon and Roiland could talk about what was the hold up between seasons 3 and 4. 

It turns out that the two wanted to be paid more, and they wanted to be sure that the show wouldn’t end anytime soon. They told fans that they had asked for immortality for the show, but in the end, they would accept “many, many more seasons.”

But even the seven more years they’ve been promised might not be enough time for these two creative geniuses to explore the adventures of Rick and Morty. They have made a world that is so complicated and has so many bizarre possibilities.

Who knows how long it will take them to chase down all the loose ends? Roiland and Harmon have said that they’d be happy to keep making the show for another 20 years, as long as people are still enjoying it and creating it still feels right.

They don’t seem to ever rest

Even though there was a long wait for season 3 to drop, Harmon and Roiland weren’t relaxing the whole time. They clearly love what they do, and so they just kept working. They did write some of the upcoming episodes of Rick and Morty, but they also kept going on many other projects.

Harmon worked on a limited series animating Kurt Vonnegut’s Sirens of Titan, and he co-wrote a graphic novel called Gregory Graves Vol. 1: Interview with a Supervillain. It was published by Starburns Press, which belongs to Harmon. He worked on Harmon’s Quest, an animated series on VRV. He also did some acting and kept up with his podcast, Harmontown.

Roiland worked on a show with another writer from Rick and Morty called Solar Opposites. He also created a video game called Trover Saves The Universe, which was developed by his game studio, Squanch Games. He hosted the YouTube show Meme Review with Elon Musk, and he also worked as an actor in a few projects.

Does all this creative work pay well?

This powerhouse duo certainly has put in the hours at work, and they don’t show any sign of slowing down soon. They both own their own companies, and they seem to have dozens of projects going all the time. How well has all this effort paid off?

Although they’d probably say the greatest reward for them is being able to do what they love every day, they’ve also done pretty well financially. Roiland is reported to have a net worth of $4 million, while Harmon’s bottom line is $5 million.

It’s safe to say they’re pretty comfortable. Harmon recently bought a house in Los Angeles for $3.6 million. 

All in all, not bad for a couple of creative and fairly strange minds