How Much Do Celebrity Chauffeurs Make?

Celebrities have a lot of options when it comes time to spend their money, and sometimes, they’ll buy fancy new cars. But, celebrities have a tight schedule, and often times, they don’t want to drive around all day. That’s why many celebrities will have a chauffeur that will drive them around everywhere. But, contrary to their job description, that’s not the only thing that a chauffeur will do for their clients. Here’s a look in the life of a chauffeur, what their job really is, and how much they get paid for their efforts.

Why celebrities need a chauffeur in the first place

There are actually many reasons why chauffeurs are necessary for a celebrity other than the fact that celebrities are often too busy to drive. Celebrities travel a lot, sometimes for business, other times for pleasure. Not every city or country is the same, and in some places, it’s easy to get lost. A chauffeur, while they may not be an expert in the layout of every city, will probably be able to navigate their way out of a bind better than many celebrities can.

Plus, the rules of the road can vary in different cities, in different states, and indeed, in different countries. Many countries drive on the other side of the road, so an American celebrity may hire a chauffeur who won’t mind that. And furthermore, many celebrities just don’t know how to drive. USA Today said that popular celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Ed Sheeran, and Cardi B don’t drive often if at all. As a result, many chauffeurs have a job because their clients just can’t drive. 

What does a celebrity chauffeur do?

A chauffeur in a gray suit looking out the window of a car at the camera
A chauffer drives a Lexus during New York Fashion Week | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Obviously, their main job is to drive their client around, but that’s not their only job. Fox Business wrote that many people trying to become a celebrity chauffeur may experience “job shock.” They, like the rest of us, expect the job to be simply driving celebrities from A to B, but in reality, many chauffeurs end up being a sort of handyman. 

Celebrities may not expect their chauffeur to fix their houses, but Fox Business said that many chauffeurs end up doing domestic chores like moving furniture around or, in some cases, even babysitting the celebrity’s kids. Some chauffeurs will even double up as a bodyguard, but not every chauffeur will add that gig onto their belt. That said, this makes sense as many chauffeurs will live with their clients and will, in a way, become part of their family. 

This type of lifestyle does have its perks though, both in terms of pay and in terms of the closeness that a chauffeur will have with their client.

A celebrity chauffeur’s salary and some juicy gossip that they provide

Fox business said that a starting celebrity chauffeur can expect to be paid about $60,000 a year. More experienced chauffeurs will be paid more, and if they are living with their clients or if they’re doubling as a bodyguard, they will also be paid more. The average salary was about $100,000 a year, and those who get paid the most will average about $150,000 a year.

That said, because many chauffeurs are in a celebrity’s inner circle, they tend to respect their client’s privacy and won’t divulge many details into their client’s lives. But, that won’t stop some chauffeurs from speaking out.

For example, The Daily Mail wrote that a Princess had her chauffeur buy her 27 bottles of hair removal cream and the Princess only tipped her chauffeur $100 for the effort. Other chauffeurs said that their celebrity clients had them participate in more illicit activities, though of course, those chauffeurs did not mention any clients by name.