How Much Do Prince William and Kate Middleton Spend on Travel?

One of the major perks of being a member of the royal family is that traveling is basically a necessity, especially for senior royals.

Prince William and Kate Middleton get to go on many amazing trips, and we have to say that we are a bit envious of the places that they have been. Whether it’s a much-anticipated visit to New York City or a royal tour of Pakistan, the royal couple has definitely been around.

It is pretty safe to say that the royals travel in a way that the rest of us can’t even begin to imagine. They pack extensive wardrobe choices and bring along people such as hairstylists, makeup artists, and personal assistants, not to mention security.

With trips as lavish as these, there is no doubt that it gets pretty costly! Let’s talk about how much money Prince William and Kate Middleton spend on travel.

Why do William and Kate travel so much?

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

First, we must clarify exactly why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are constantly visiting different places. While some of the trips are for their personal enjoyment, a majority of them are business-related.

Will and Kate’s job is to carry out engagements on behalf of Queen Elizabeth, who obviously cannot be everywhere at once. Add in the fact that at age 93, her majesty has really cut back on travel, and it means that her grandson and his wife are jetting off to a bunch of places. A

ccording to Metro, the main reasons for their traveling is so they can meet with important figures around the world, address important issues, and discuss the UK’s relationships with other countries. 

William and Kate’s traveling habits

It is a known fact that the royals have access to some of the most lavish private jets in the entire world, however, William and Kate often choose to fly by commercial airline.

Yahoo! Finance reports that the future king and queen are often spotted in first class, as they tend to skip the private jet most of the time. However, don’t expect to be seated next to Kate or William next time you take a budget flight somewhere since they take certain measures for security reasons.

When the royals are on the same flight as the rest of us, we may not see them for more than a split second or so, since they usually have guards and assistants surrounding them at all times.

How much do William and Kate spend on travel?

When William and Kate take trips, even as part of their royal duties, they aren’t exactly looking for the best deals. According to Travel + Leisure, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took off for their Foreign and Commonwealth Office visit to India and Bhutan, the bill reached almost $130,000. Why so much?

Well, it includes not only the flights to and from the main destination but also charter flights to other places during the trip as well. Let’s not forget accommodations, either! Architectural Digest reports that Will and Kate enjoy staying at some pretty posh places, such as The Goring Hotel in London, the Taj Tashi in Thimphu, Bhutan, and the swanky Carlyle Hotel in New York City.

We can only imagine that they are enjoying gourmet meals at the finest restaurants during their trips, and let’s also consider the fact that if their kids are with them, that adds in the cost for around the clock child care. With all of the aspects of Will and Kate’s traveling habits, it is really no surprise that they spend such a pretty penny when they are taking trips.