How Much Land Does ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Husband Own?

Ree Drummond, also known as the star of Food Network’s The Pioneer Woman, lives on a ranch in the middle of Oklahoma. During each episode, she details her life a bit, discussing how she cooks in the lodge, which is separate from her home but still on the same piece of property. She also tends to hop in her pick up truck and drive quite a ways into town — driving through the family’s own land most of the time. But how much land does her husband, Ladd Drummond, and his family actually own?

Ree Drummond with her husband Ladd
Ree Drummond with her husband Ladd | Ree Drummond via Instagram

Ree Drummond met her husband during a visit back home after college

The story of how Drummond met her husband sounds similar to the way most people in their 20s meet a new love: Over some drinks at a bar. Drummond had gone to the bar with her friends when she spotted her future husband on the other side of the room wearing jeans and cowboy boots. She noted in the first issue of her magazine that she was instantly smitten with him and said that he was “tall, strong, and mysterious.” The two talked for a while, but they didn’t end up meeting again for another four months, when he finally asked her on a date. She said yes, and they hit it off. At the time, she had been planning to move to Chicago. But Ladd Drummond had essentially turned her world upside down, and she ended up building an entirely new life in Oklahoma.

The Drummonds live on a massive Oklahoma estate

Once Drummond settled in with her new husband, the couple had some kids, and she decided to start a blog about raising children and living on a ranch. She called herself The Pioneer Woman. One thing led to another, and she eventually became a massive Food Network star. Today, the couple lives on a huge ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. According to Two Peas and Their Pod blog, who visited Drummond to cook with her on the ranch, Drummond lives in the middle of nowhere with absolutely nothing in sight. This is because Drummond’s husband’s family actually owns more land than you can imagine.

As of 2013, Ladd Drummond’s family owns at least 433,000 acres of land

In 2013, Modern Farmer reported on the country’s biggest landowners. While the Drummond family landed at No. 17 on the list, they still own more land than anyone probably thought. The family owns a total of 433,000 acres. To put that in perspective, that’s about 30 times’ the size of Manhattan. It’s unclear how many cattle and horses the family owns, but the family business, Drummond Land & Cattle Company, was founded more than 100 years ago by Ladd’s ancestors. Ree Drummond frequently shows the cattle and horses on her show.

The Drummond family also owns a restaurant and hotel in their Oklahoma town

The Drummonds might own plenty of land, but Ree has taken on other business ventures since getting her big break on Food Network. She currently owns the Mercantile restaurant in her home town of Pawhuska. She also owns a luxury boutique hotel in her downtown called The Boarding House. It is made up of only eight suites but offers immaculate amenities. Each suite has a different style (and is named as such), and it took Ree and Ladd Drummond nine months to complete.

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