How Nicole Kidman Feels About Keith Urban Singing About Their Sex Life

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been married since 2006. While they are both celebrities in the entertainment industry, Kidman is a famous actor, and Urban is a country music star. Kidman has been the inspiration for Urban’s art before, and Urban notably sang about the couple’s sex life in the song “Gemini.” While on the radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Kidman revealed what she thinks about Urban making her the subject of his songs.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at the Los Angeles premiere of 'The Northman'
(L-R) Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban | Emma McIntyre/WireImage

Keith Urban wrote the song ‘Gemini’ about Nicole Kidman

In 2018, Urban released a studio album called Graffiti U. The album includes a song called “Gemini,” which seemingly refers to Urban’s sex life with Kidman.

Kidman was born on June 20, making her astrological sun sign a Gemini. The song includes references to Kidman’s alleged personality along with references to Urban’s sex life with Kidman.

At the start of the song, Urban highlights Kidman’s personality, singing “She’s not quite a contradiction/ She rolls with it/ Quick with a snap decision/ I’m fine with it/ Strong on her strong opinions/ I’m weak for it.”

The song’s chorus then includes racy lyrics about Kidman being a “maniac in the bed.”

In the chorus, Urban sings, “She’s a maniac in the bed/ But a brainiac in her head/ And I know what everybody knows/ Mm mmm, baby, she’s both.”

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Toward the end of the song, Urban seemingly references his sex life with Kidman again, singing, “She’ll wake you to make love in the middle of the night/ And every breath that I take is brand new.”

What Nicole Kidman thinks about Keith Urban singing about her

In 2019, Kidman appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, an Australian radio show. During the radio show, host Kyle Sandilands mentioned the song “Gemini” to Kidman.

When asked if she approved of the lyrics in the song, Kidman replied, “I don’t censor his art if I can be a muse for it.”

She later added, “It is embarrassing but at the same time it’s better than saying, ‘God I’m so bored. Make an effort Nicole.'”

When Sandilands brought up more lyrics from the song, Kidman declined to answer any more questions about “Gemini.”

“Shut up! You’re making that up,” Kidman said. “I’m not answering that… That’s outrageous!” 

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Why Keith Urban wrote the song ‘Gemini’

While Kidman may be slightly embarrassed by the song “Gemini,” Urban thinks the song came from a good place. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Urban admitted he thinks he wrote the song because he was “missing” his wife.

Urban told Entertainment Tonight that Kidman was not in the studio when he made the song, saying, “No, that’s why I got so intimate, I’m sure,”

He added, “I was missing her, maybe.”

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