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The Duggar family has no shortage of grandchildren. Since 2009, they have seen a dozen youngsters born into the family from several children who married. And keeping track of them all can be difficult. But we broke down each of the Duggar grandchildren by year to make your life a bit easier.

Duggar grandchildren
There are one dozen Duggar grandchildren. | The Duggar Family via Instagram

October 2009: Mackynzie Duggar is born

Mackynzie Duggar is currently nine years old. She is the first child born to Josh and Anna Duggar, who wed in 2008. Mackynzie is also Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s first grandchild and one of only three female grandchildren.

June 2011: Michael Duggar is born

Michael Duggar is currently seven years old. He is the second child of Anna and Josh and the second grandchild, along with the first male grandchild, for Michelle and Jim Bob.

June 2013: Marcus Anthony Duggar is born

Marcus Duggar is currently five years old. He is the second son of Josh and Anna, and by this time, Josh and Anna are leading the pack with three grandchildren. However, Jill Duggar has started courting Derick Dillard, so it won’t be long before another Duggar has a child.

April 2015: Israel Dillard is born

Israel Dillard is currently three years old. He is the first child of Jill and Derick Dillard, who wed in 2014. He is also the fourth grandchild to Michelle and Jim Bob. By now, Josh and Anna’s children finally have a cousin to play with.

July 2015: Meredith Duggar is born

Meredith Duggar is currently three years old. She is the fourth child of Josh and Anna, plus Michelle and Jim Bob’s fifth grandchild. She is the first girl to be born in nearly six years.

November 2015: Spurgeon Seewald is born

Spurgeon Seewald is currently three years old. He is the first child of Jessa Duggar and her new husband, Ben Seewald. Spurgeon is the fourth male grandchild to be born, and he’s Michelle and Jim Bob’s sixth grandchild.

February 2017: Henry Seewald is born

Henry Seewald is almost two years old. He is the second child of Jessa and Ben, so the couple has two grandchildren consecutively in the timeline. Henry is Michelle and Jim Bob’s seventh grandchild.

July 2017: Samuel Dillard is born

Samuel Dillard just over a year and a half old. He is the second child of Jill and Derick; he is also their second boy. He was born just a few months after Henry and is Michelle and Jim Bob’s eighth grandchild.

September 2017: Mason Duggar is born

Mason Duggar is just over a year old. He was born to Josh and Anna in September 2017. Mason symbolizes the rebirth of a marriage for Josh and Anna, who went through plenty of scandals just a few years prior, when Josh’s sexual abuse scandal leaked and he was caught having several affairs. The couple worked through marriage counseling and were able to bounce back.

February 2018: Gideon Forsyth is born

Gideon Forsyth is nearly one year old. He is the first child for Joy Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth, who wed in May 2017. There was controversy surrounding Joy Anna’s marriage to Austin — some thought the couple may have gotten pregnant before they wed.

June 2018: Garrett Duggar is born

Garrett Duggar is currently seven months old. He is the first child of Joseph Duggar and his wife, Kendra. Garrett is the 11th grandchild for Michelle and Jim Bob as well as the ninth male grandchild in the family.

July 2018: Felicity Vuolo is born

Felicity breaks the all-boy streak — she is the first female grandchild to be born in three years. Felicity is currently about six months old, and she is the first child of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. She is the most recent grandchild for Michelle and Jim Bob, but there will almost definitely be more grandchildren down the road.

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