How Old Are Each of the Jonas Brothers Now?

Think back to the mid-2000s, and chances are, you rocked out to the music of the Jonas Brothers whenever you had the chance! They first appeared on the scene in 2005, and the brothers, Kevin, Joe, and Nick, also prominently appeared on the Disney Channel television network.

They decided to break up as a band and go their separate ways in 2013, but the brothers did not stay out of the public eye. Now that they just announced their comeback and released a new video, fans may be wondering how old they all are now, and what they are up to!

How old are each of the Jonas Brothers?

Kevin Jonas was born on November 5, 1987, and is currently 31 years of age. Born on August 15, 1989, Joe Jonas is 29 years old, and Nick is 26 years old, having been born on September 16, 1992. They won the hearts of many when they performed together as a group with their charming personalities, dazzling smiles, and boyish charm.

As fans know, the brothers enjoyed great success as a band, and everyone was sad to see their time together come to an end, although they did what they thought was best. There’s also a fourth brother, Frankie Jonas, who is only 18 years old and not in the band.

Nick Jonas marries Priyanka Chopra

Most recently, Nick Jonas married actress Priyanka Chopra, who he met at the 2017 Met Gala, in a lavish ceremony in India. Together since 2016, they had a multi-day ceremony that was held in Jodhpur, where they participated in Indian wedding rituals and had a great time with their family and closest friends. The marriage allowed them to embrace each other’s cultures as well as celebrate their love for a couple, and fans could not have been happier for them!

How about Joe?

As for Joe Jonas, he is currently engaged to Sophie Turner. Rumors of a romance began in 2016, and things heated up from there. Planning to get married this summer, the couple complements each other perfectly, and brothers Kevin and Nick, as well as fans around the world, are delighted that Joe Jonas has found the love of his life. The pair has been dating since 2016, and we can only speculate how amazing the nuptials will be! If we learned anything from the marriage of Nick and Priyanka, it is that the Jonas Brothers certainly know how to throw a great wedding!

What has Kevin Jonas been up to?

The oldest Jonas brother, Kevin, has certainly kept busy in recent years! He married his wife, Danielle, in December of 2009, after meeting her in the Bahamas two years prior. After the marriage, the couple went on to star in their own successful reality show, Married to Jonas. Kevin and Danielle welcomed their first daughter, Alena, in February of 2014, and their second daughter, Valentina shortly after in October of 2016. Kevin’s brothers and bandmates, Nick and Joe, as well as younger brother Frankie Jonas, are wonderful uncles to Kevin’s kids, treating them with the love and admiration that they so deserve!

What is next for the Jonas Brothers?

Much to the excitement of fans everywhere, the Jonas Brothers just announced their comeback! Fans all around the world are simply delighted at the news, and even more excited that the brothers have reportedly recorded several new songs. The new songs will be released sometime in the upcoming months, and fans of the Jonas Brothers can’t wait!

The new video

To add to the excitement, the Jonas Brothers released a new video featuring Danielle, Sophie, and Priyanka. Recorded in England, it is a tribute to the three women. We are sure that all three are beyond thrilled that the brothers have chosen to express their love in the form of a new video celebrating their comeback, and we are just as excited by the news!