How Old is Ed Sheeran and Where is He From?

Over the past several years, Ed Sheeran has become one of the most popular artists around the world. He’s had incredible hits such as “The A Team,” “Thinking Out Loud,” and “Photograph,” and he recently released a new song with Justin Bieber. But this red-headed, guitar-playing guy had to come from somewhere, right? How old is Ed Sheeran, and where is he from?  

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Sheeran was born in February 1991 and recently celebrated his 28th birthday

Sheeran turned 28 this past February. He was raised by two parents and has a brother; the family lived a small English town, which Sheeran still calls home today. However, there was a time during Sheeran’s late teenage years when he was homeless; he said he slept under a heated arch outside Buckingham Palace for a bit. Despite his incredible music experience, Sheeran is still very young; he first reached fame with his single “The A Team” when he was only 20. At the time, he couldn’t predict the astounding career that would follow.  

He was born in Halifax, England but raised in Suffolk, England

Sheeran started his life in Halifax, England, but he was raised in Framlingham, Suffolk, England. He comes from an artsy family; Sheeran’s father is an art curator and his mother is a jewelry designer. Sheeran’s brother is also in the music industry as a composer. Although Sheeran primarily still lives in England nowadays, he did spend time in the United States for several years and visits the U.S. often. Sheeran reportedly purchased an old farm in his hometown of Framlingham and calls it home.

Sheeran has been recording music since 2004

Sheeran discovered his love of music at a young age and began recording as early as 2004. Although his guitar skills and singing talent are both hard to deny, Sheeran also has the ability to write music, which isn’t the case for many artists. While many of today’s artists rely on songwriters for their music, Sheeran does a lot of the writing himself. Of course, he collaborates with others, but he’s credited on almost every one of his songs. He also wrote Justin Bieber’s hit “Love Yourself” and collaborated with Taylor Swift for her song “End Game.” Sheeran has written songs for several other artists, too, including Tori Kelly and country stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

His style has evolved through the years, but his talent remains the same

While Sheeran has stuck to his acoustic-heavy roots, he has branched out quite a bit to produce different types of music. On May 10, Sheeran released a song with longtime friend Justin Bieber called “I Don’t Care.” The song has a style that doesn’t resemble the music Sheeran normally writes, but its catchy beat and relatable lyrics made it an instant hit. The duo released the video for the song one week later on May 17. Sheeran typically writes songs that focus on the acoustic sound, such as his first hit, “The A Team.” Other hits of the same style include “Photograph” “Galway Girl” and “Shape of You.” Though he has branched out with his music style, his talent remains just as strong as ever.

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